Labors of Like

Hey homeskillets. I been busy, here's just a few of the whats.
Made a couple necklaces with medals!
I thought lariats would be a good idea for them, counteract the basic round-thing-on-a-chain visual.
And some resin pieces since, as I've said, I have a billion I just made.
Here I thought the girliness of the doll arm counteracted the masculinity of the dude in the resin. Ehh?
Coupla these since people keep asking for them. 
So that's one pair...
And here's another that looks practically identical.
I'mna make these $200000 so people stop wanting them. I'm PMSy and grouchy tho.
That's why it sez 'Labors of Like' and not Love. Can't feel no love while PMSing.
And another of the caged baroque pearl pairs this time in a lilac-y pink.
Some amethyst chunks with polybabies.
So this comment from Beatnheart on my last post almost made me cry: "The number one, first lady of etsy and of blogdom... Marina, you have tought me from the beginning that sharing is cool...that it's ok to copy from you without you freaking out about it and in fact encouraging it...you don't have such insecurities about your work and you are there to help others grow and develop...
"... what a wonderful way to live! your ideas are endless...you invented most of the designs and styles and ways of doing things and you continue to do so. your new foray into making beads continues to blow my mind in a million ways and your boundless enthusiasm and deep pit of knowledge and experimentation astonishes and amazes me...thank you from the bottom of my beatnheart for showing me the way... xxxcynthia "
What can I even say to that? I swear when (everyday) I'm struggling against myself to get shit done and feeling like a big fat looser, one of y'all comes along and just... 
I especially liked that "deep pit of knowledge" since often I feel like I'm stuck in a deep pit fo' sho'.
Now lets look at this otter playing dead:
And these guys freaking out over a tasty bug:
This gal rocking herself on her horsey:
And this guy... No I actually have no idea what this guy's doing:
It takes a loooot of gifs to counteract PMS.


dawn said...

Wowza.....I would really really really like one of those caged multi color pair of earrings....could I possibly reserve one? Please :)

Any pair would be wonderful....

Dawn Sherrill

Alessandra Fryzel said...

All very cool as always, thanks for sharing!
what are those rainbowy stones that are on top of your handmade glass mini pendants on the earrings? Are they mystic moonstones? They're so magical!

Louise said...

Absolutely gorgeous creations! YOU! :) do it every time.

betweenreader said...

I should get PMS like this, but actually, its about 20 years too late. Alas! All of these things are glorious and yummy. Have some chocolate.

Beatnheart said...

Fanci dee licious...
It is all true and then some...
So i'll just copy exactly those caged earrings!!
Thanks for being the real deal...