Did somebody say bracelets?

Mutalibun. Rustic assemblage cuff bracelet of filigree and salvaged tin.
Cuz beeatch, I got yer bracelets right here.

Here's a cuff with filigree from Kathyhaul (yeah, I'm still chipping away at it) and Uruguayan tabacco tin. How much stuff did I ruin before it occurred to me to just use a nice chunk of tin with the filigree? Idk, lots. But also check out the little eyelet rivets I put in the tin holes. Thats a new thing for me and I need to do that more.
A Dream of Glory. Antique medallion assemblage bracelet with blue apatite stones.
A Dream of Glory.
From my huge stash of Uruguayan medals/coins/round shit. But this one came with its own connection there with that strange cable trim. I linked it to these little kutchi then added all kinds of delicate little blue stones.Barakah. Ornate escutcheon cuff bracelet with citrines and aquamarine briolette.
Another Uru-haul.  I discussed this with y'all months ago- what to do with the holes in this escutcheon.  Here's the originals:
Leaving the holes alone certainly didn't work, adding decorative crap didn't either. Then I hit upon just filling them with a variety of eyelets and rivets and did a dance of glee.

Superluminal. Rustic cosmic iridescent assemblage bracelet.Superluminal. 
An old watch frame from Kathyhaul was the perfect bezel for this huge Patroness-abandoned stone. And I just went fully over-the-top with this, adding everything blingy I had laying around. It's weird cuz one side is thick from the chunky beads and one side lays flatter against the wrist but idk, it's big and redonk and yeah.Ragnarök. Rustic double wrap assemblage bracelet with archeological dig find.
Getting back to rough and rustic, a double wrap baby. I do so love a double-wrap. I feel like each bit doesn't have to be as amazing cuz I have twice the space to make an impact.

 Like here the long bit of leather links I made from some cord shipwreckdandy once sent me. Aren't those cool? Like leather chain. Something to do with leather cord you might have too much of?
Eudaimonia. Rustic assemblage bracelet with lilac and green art beads, coin, cut steel shaft button.
But I am enjoying trying my hand at these bead and bits type bracelets the type you see more on etsy. For sure, Lorelei Eurto is the queen of these. And while her style is 1000% different than mine, I still love her stuff and am super inspired by it.
Visitors in the Universe.  Rustic assemblage bracelet with art beads in pale greens and peach.
Visitors in the Universe.
Here's another in that style. I tried being creative with some poly elements- like a longish connector and the eye-shaped beads.
Measure of Darkness. Rustic assemblage bracelet with steel ruler and rhinestones.
Measure of Darkness.
But yeah, I still make stuff like this one that's all me. Very simple piece really, maybe one to add to a collection of bangles.
Underwater Tribute. Tribal gypsy bangle stack in blues and greens.
Underwater Tribute.
Speaking of which- gasp!- a stack. I had tired of making these as they had become just a sloppy way to use up every random bit of destash I had. But I made these with more care and less stuff. And better stuff I think. And less bangles making them easier to photograph and manage.
Ingenue. Antique romantic photographic button earrings.
You might remember these Uru-haul buttons- finally used them. Had to be small and simple because the buttons alone pack such a punch.
The Lover. Rustic assemblage earrings with rose quartz, art beads in shades of white.
The Lover. 
Here's some poly experiments with large grit glitter and liquid poly. They ended up pleasantly inverted. The colors 'n shit. And some lovely tumbled quartz from Uruguay, the rose with sterling electroplated bail.
Celestial Light. Rustic assemblage earrings in iridescent purples.
Celestial Light.
So yeah, I managed a little time for some earrings, though they haven't been my main focus lately. Here, asymmetry which balances color and form.
Figa. Dark assemblage earrings with vintage charms and smokey quartz.
And the figas from Uruguay too.

Among the Lost.
And I listed this guy. Oh I forgot to mention the prongy stuff from last post? You can get it on etsy. You gotta search "gallery bezel wire."I'm so glad y'all liked that, yay.
And now we gif party.

Here's some owls upon hearing music from a cellphone: This kitty after her bud came home sedated from the hospital:

And finally, parable about the price of covetousness (maybe):


The Wood and Watch said...

The owls, though. I have never seen a bird dance like that before! My parrot does an up-down bob. And Ragnarok, huh? Are you a Vikings viewer, perchance?:)

Anonymous said...

Rivets are the way to go, they just give great detail for a little effort. The bracelets look amazing and those earrings with the hands...love 'em.

Juliette said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh you always find the best GIFs. LOVE.

Also, that lovely bangle stack at the end? SO well done. XOXOXO J

Anvil Artifacts said...

You're on a wonderful roll. These bracelets are fabulous. Wipes drool off screen....

CraftyHope said...

I can't even. . .

Bobby Jassos said...

I have a charm bracelet that always gets compliments whenever I wear it. I used up a lot of orphan beads, some wire wrapping experiments, the charms from matchless earrings, and a bunch of other odds and ends. I have collected it from http://www.moyerfinejewelers.com/

Unknown said...

I feel like I know all your dark secrets..I've spent the last couple weeks going backward through your blog, and oh..my..gaaah. I have learned & gained a crazy amount of inspiration& direction for my own aesthetic. You are one cool chick! So I'm finally commenting to let you know you rock & to see if you might divulge one last secret. <---hands in prayer position tapping fingers together one by one maniacally.

For your earrings, Celestial Light, you describe your two "glowing from within beads" that you & your artist friend collaborated on. I am OBSESSED. PLEASE tell me how you made them! Even though you probably don't remember everything exactly... Pleeeeease!??

I usually prefer to conduct my own experiments & make my own findings & materials...the making is the fun part...right? But I don't want to experiment, I just want to make gobs of them. I want to go into supply panic over how many I have. Especially the blue/purple round one! I'm dying! Please tell me!

It looks like is had to be transparent, maybe glass ..resin..transparent polymer?
Covered in clear but colored holographic type dichroic type foil maybe?
Liquid poly or resin painted over top.
Grundged up with wax/mud mixture & maybe some acrylic wash.
Am I insane?