Milagros, etc.

 I managed to sell four pairs of earrings without even listing them recently, which is always awesome. Here's some for a lady who wanted something religious-->

And another gal really liked an old pair I made ages ago with milagros. I decided to order some and they spurred a whole bunch of simple little milagro pairs. 

These are already spoken for: 

And therest I'll have to actually list. I'm thinking of maybe including a few interpretations of possible meanings of the milagro pairs, which of course I picked for deep and meaningful reasons and not just cuz they looked good together.
Girl and Bottle.
Like this one could mean you're hoping for a kick-ass girl's night out or you're worried about your daughter's drinking problem.
Bust and Car.
I'm thinking this one might mean you need a ride to your chemo (you know, boob cancer) or that you want to pay off your car loan and finally get those double Ds you've been dreaming of. Lung and Kidney.
You want to breathe easy over your incontinence or you want to do some Pranayama yoga after punching your cheating ex in the kidneys.
Goat and Donkey.
This one means you just really want a goat and a donkey. Or you want to cure your sick livestock. Or you want a new significant other in your life who's as stubborn as a mule and can be easily trained to jump at your call?
goat animated GIF
This one's easy- you want applause for your magnificent horse shoeing prowess. Hand and Horse Shoe.
Luckily beads don't need interpreting.
Golden Dawn.
 Though cascades of little teardrops are just as fun as prayers about incontinence. Golden Dawn 2.
These onyx with electroplated bails I found in Uruguay. Darkest Night.
Druzies I've rimmed in gold leaf with some greybirdstudio dangles. A Quiet Spark.
Ghaaaaa these beads are killing me! They're shipwreckdandysupply.Heart of Hearts.
I treated myself to some of her polybabies and OMG. I already liked her stuff but.... I can't tell you how impressed I was with these. A lot of my more complicated polys are kinda big. These are practically dainty! Which means they go with everything and are just so ... ugh, I can't find words.
Those are also hers in the pair with the girl and bottle. Here's some more of what I got from her: There's so much tiny detail that just makes me squee. 
Eudaimonia. Rustic assemblage bracelet with lilac and green art beads, enamel connector.
For that matter, here's a bracelet with an orgasm-triggerling connector/clasp from 4ophelia. What she's been doing with enamel has me slamming my forehead repeatedly on the desk in stupefied admiration. She sent along a few little extras. 
While I was at it I snagged these double-headed lampwork headpins from Numinosity cuz they're amazing for earring findings. I even curled one up already to show you what I mean. 
They still need hammering, but you wanna make sure to place something heavy (like a flat section of a dapping cube) over them and hammer that- if you try to hammer this directly you could smash the glass. 

So part of me is like, I need to buy more shit from my friends who are clearly all creative geniuses. But another part of me is like oh shit oversupply panic again.
Speaking of getting things in the mail- one of you lovely ladies sent me this package of adorable goodies and now I forgot who it was to thank you! Deborah something? I'm going to use those mini copper plates to set stones in. 
Look at the metallic details, that's Roman glass right there. And look at these crazy earrings that if you cut apart you get crazy cool caps.
And those white naga conch things are valuable for reals. And echo some of what those shipwreck 'turban' beads were doing which means I have to use them together and I'm already working on that but with so many awesome supplies the creative ADD is on overdrive.
Thank you Deborah or Barbara or something else! You're awesome.

Where was I? Bracelets!!! Remember I was talking about setting coins?
 Well, I had these where the backs weren't necessarily mind-blowing, so I set them on this tin after dapping them a bit. There's teeeeeny rivets in those little holes. The jumprings are even soldered, damn this thing was a shitload of work. 
I made that resin charm, that soldered ring with the stones, that bit of chain. I set that sea lion tooth and I made the beaded suede cord links. So yeah I'm pretty pleased with myself. 
Here's one where I made nothing and just tossed things together. 
Well, I turned some big-ring chain into byzantine chain mail like I described in this post. And turns out when you use much much bigger size rings, surprise surprise, it gets exponentially easier. Also, it was my clever eye that noticed similarities in hues between these different bits so there's that. 
And I've had this pitcher (which again, someone just sent me out of the blue) for ages and it's always awesome when a long-time supply finds a home. 

So last week was the first time in my Zumbadventure that I was able to keep up and not feel like I was dying after class which means- Zoinks!- I've actually made a noticeable impact on my fitness. I feel like giving an academy awards speech after this. But then the rest of the time I'm walking around like-->>
Not sore but stiff. I guess I need to stretch? Is this a turning 40 thing? Cuz it's super fun.

So the other day, Mom was all, "I went on your blog but you hadn't put anything new up."
To which I was all, "!!!!????? Whaddaya mean-"
Mom: Oh, I mean any new animal gifs.
Me: *sputtering noises of outrage and indignity* So the only thing you...!! The only reason...!!! *incoherent sputtering, etc.*

So lets get to it shall we?


Unknown said...

I need you so sent some creativity milagro, in the sense of the word, this way! I have so much crap and I don't know what to do with it...the assemblage thing is taking a vacay in RomAntique world and soldering is becoming the preferred option...gahrrrr....thanks for the inspiration, perhaps this will encourage me to use my stash soon...
Love all the earrings...I interpret the horseshoe and hand as "gimme some luck biotch!" and that cat with the mohawk looks completely defeated!
Great work as always!

Wildthorne said...

Am I the first commentor? No waaay. Ok how come every time I come to your blog you have me at turns snorting (very unladylike), chuckling, giggling, and then oohing and ahhing..? There should be a word for this.. simultaneous spontaneous hilarity mixed with admiraton. Your new work is gorgeous fanci, I love what you are doing with the soldering, and that Civilizations bracelet is crazy cool! Love your hand made chain, and suede connections. Damn I was busting up over your Milagro interpretations. Will have to read these to the bearded one. I love you!

Unknown said...

Yeah, the stiffness....I suppose it's an age thing. Should I refrain from telling you it gets worse the older you get???
Like your mum, the gifs are the icing - but the too good, butter rich cake is your fantabulous jewellery. I wonder about the inside of your brain, Marina - where DO you get the inspiration from? ;-)

Romantic style said...

I love your jewelry designs, your posts are too fun, but sometimes I visit just to see the animal gifs...I always get a chuckle when I visit your blog. Thanks for sharing so much with us and for the lovely works of art.

Saraccino said...

Your work is really unique. Even thought how different the single pieces are, they all share your signature. They are so weird and so absolutely beautiful! :)

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we must love the past history and culture. You really do it. thank the great posting

Anonymous said...

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