Yeah I know I've been not that chatty lately. I have blogged super consistently for several years now and I'm thinking of taking a hiatus.Achroous. White rustic assemblage earrings with pearl polymer and Nepalese naga conch.
Remember those shipwreckdandy turban beads I raved about? Look at them now! Squeee!!! I actually had to cut the back of one of them down to make it flat enough for this, it was a whole ordeal. But it's like they were born to end up in the above construction. Three white circles- pearl, poly, naga chonch. Sigh.

Inspired me to make some more of my own.

With inclusions and textures...

And pits and striations.

Yuputka. White grungy earrings with rhinestones and polymer art beads.
I used some already here, along with a carved bone bead that I used a crackle finish on just cuz I was experimenting with crackle. Grungy enough to balance out a buncha bling.
Also found a way to make some big dramatic crackles.

I pressed a little channel into two of them and then stuck these glass micro beads in with liquid poly which I then heat-gun cured.

I pressed texture into some then painted black then sanded off then did crackle over that, some just facets. Really ridiculous amounts of steps, especially since I forgot to mention a wash of grey acrylic to tone down the bright colors. But polymer is only worthwhile to me if 
I'm experimenting. And experimenting you don't go in thinking 12 steps over 5 days is a good use of your time, you just mess with it, having fun until you've messed all you know how to mess.

Abodement. Rustic assemblage purple amethyst pendant necklace.
I used some of the crack pastels on this pendant and also below.
Acatalepsy. Rustic assemblage purple amethyst pendant necklace.
I've also decided I prefer to use my polymer beads myself instead of selling them. I don't know. Photographing and listing them is a lot of time for the small amount of money you can charge, and I also feel like I make good use of my results in my own work. Of course, if any of you guys want to purchase any of these polybabies, just etsy convo me. That's right, I'll sell my own babies!!

Komorebi. Rustic assemblage lampwork asymmetrical earrings.
Oh and those NuminosityBeads double headpins I told you about? Voi-la. Above with a 4ophelia enamel drop.
Hygge. Rustic assemblage lampwork and rope cord earrings
Here I had the wacky idea to make cord hoops. I don't know but I just love them.
Abask. Rustic assemblage earrings with cut coins and leather cords.
So I made another pair with the findings made from double-headed rosey copper pins. And a cut coin from Uruguay.
Cafune. Rustic assemblage tin hands earrings.
Now talk about balanced asymmetry. There's even a tiny baltic amber on one side perfectly balanced with a teeny polymer bead on the other which shipwreck sent me. I even like the wire findings I made at the top. Gotta make more of my own earring findings.
Acronical. Rustic assemblage lapis lazuli
Little lapis.
Protect the Mothers. Rustic assemblage necklace with antique medal and pyrite.
Protect the Mothers.
Oh and that piece from my post about setting coins?

With this amazing chunk of pyrite from Uruguay, my own handmade chain, etc.Thimble Crystal Talisman Pendant. Rustic cosmic assemblage art jewelry.Even made this little guy here.
What else?
 These aren't for sale. Remember good ol' Patroness from way back? I decided to make her a couple pieces from precious bits she'd left me with that I don't feel quite right just using for myself.

 I consider it payment for all the stuff she gave me. Also those are real rough rubies and that shit's ridiculous.
I'm showing these three pix in my fancy new Instagram format. Everything on IG is vertical to accomodate phones, whereas everything on etsy is horizontal so my images aren't really translating. It's a whole thing.
So yeah that's what I've been up to. That and just being crazy stiff from exercising for the 1st time in my life at 40. I've been using the sauna at the gym. It's just like sitting in an oven. Now I know how my polybabies feel.
Might be our last gif party in a while so I'm gotta make it good.
Though it might crash everybody's 'puters.

Finally, not a gif but this made me laugh the kind where you choke a little. A guy shared this message from his foreign exchange friend.
Thank you guys for all your encouragement and support.


Anonymous said...

so what is this instagram. I am so glad to have found and followed you thru your blogging journey. also glad in a sad way that our paths may not cross so often though a blog once in awhile would be good. so glad you are exercising, here is to having your life back. I will miss you. now about the instagram, tell me for I am an older dinosaur than you.

RomAntiqueSoul said...

I love your blog! ;_; What am I gonna read now?

You do what you have to do though, I really hope to read more awesome stuff from you in the future...I've been lazy about Instagram since I seem to have some trouble with it, but now I'm gonna fix it, so I can look at your beautiful creations!

Your beads make me wanna make some poly beads (it's been a while)

Thanks for sharing again and again :)

Willow Studio said...

I understand taking a rest from blogging--
I never worked up the energy to start.
BUT, I will miss your blog tremendously.
Yours is the first blog I ever followed
and it opened an interesting world to me.
So, things change.
(But I still hope you might post every once in awhile.)
Thanks you, Miz Fanci, very very much.

Juliette said...

I love your blog. your designs, ideas, gifs, it's like a present in my email box.

But - I do get the blogging all the time thing, mainly because I've tried on and off for a few years and have never been able to get it to 'stick'.

I'm getting used to the fact that I LOVE to read blogs, but I don't have the passion and drive to do a regular blog myself.

I'll miss you, but totally understand and welcome irregularity - it is creative, after all. XOXO, Juliette

Unknown said...

Omg, what would I do without u! I am so damn lazy I don't even comment back to u, but just so u know u are my go to inspiration for metal smithing blog, a couple others that over the years I follow like u and they also got burned out onto much tech shit and asked followers to go to their FB, which I did no problem, maybe u just need to let us know what site is easiest for u and all of us that need u in our life can follow u there! Pls don't leave me! U have a major freakin design brain, I am so jealous, I cannot believe the pics u posted today, amazing! U should do a book or class on design, u would be excellent and I know u would make money, hey Iam so buying your book! Love and aloha, angi in hana

Miss R said...

Your jewelry posts should come with a vial of smelling salts, cuz I always hyperventilate over the gorgeousness. That first set of earrings. The one called Abodement. Any of the polymers. *fans self madly*

Is everything ok? Are you just bored with blogging? Does this mean I have to now Instagram if I'm to see your creations?? I finally just started my own blog and hoped we could be bloggyfriends and now feel sad.

Signed, the commenter formerly known as Fade and Remain (except on Etsy where she is still known as such.)

fanciful devices said...

Aw, u guys are so sweet! No there's n wrong gloomandbloom! I'm just like bleh... Maybe it's just PMS. I just can't think of anything to say for myself. My new stuff will still be up in my shop. And on Instagram im @fancifuldevices

scissor pirate said...

your blog is a bright spot in my days!

Thoughtfulhands said...

Well I'm selfish I love you blog its the only one I even read anymore. Love the pieces you share your work just amazes me... Your always sure to make me laugh can't wait to read what your going to say next. Guess I can always go back and read old posts. Your a very special person and I hope you don't stay gone to long.
Faithful blog Follower, Theresa

Unknown said...

Oh what will I do without my dose of Fanci???? Will miss your postings...just for awhile...right? I am following you on Instagram...can't go cold turkey! PMS or winter...not the very best combination...take care!

Rebecca S. said...

Aww! I am going to miss this! But of course I did get my daughter to follow your Instangam instantly. It won't be the same! Your humor, ease, intimacy and irreverence are the most fun about the blog. And, okay, the design and cool makey shizz are awesome too. It is whole complete thing. I'd be happy with fewer posts over cold figgin' turkey. Just sayin'. But we are all big girls out here and big girls don't cwy (like the 10cc song).

Cindy L said...

I can fully understand wanting to take a break--or maybe dropping it all indefinitely--but my goodness will you be missed!

It's hard to fathom how much time and mental energy must go into composing even one entry, particularly when it includes so many photos. And I'm sure you feel an obligation to keep current--and guilty when you feel it's been a bit too long since your last entry.

I'd hate to see your blog disappear, if only because it's such an inspiration to look through older posts. You probably seriously underestimate how much info and inspiration you provide, and your quirky take on general life stuff is so endearing.

Maybe you can consider keeping the blog but posting very short entries--even just a picture of something new you've received or are working on. Or maybe a link to a new and/or favorite blogger you think deserves a look.

Give yourself "permission" to post infrequently/sporadically, without feeling that you are failing us. (Okay, you are, but I'm trying to butter you up...lol)

Anyway, do what is right for you, and, should that mean disappearing from blogville, we'll just pick up the shattered shards of our lives and move on into the darkness. ;)

Saraccino said...

So... first thought: nonononononononononononono!

I can understand that blogging needs a lot of energy. Sometimes even too much. But still there is so much more in a blog than with the other social media Instagramm included. I like instagramm, fb, pinterest... (no, not twitter) but there are just for a moment while your thoughts, ramblings and ideas on the blog are so much more. It allows a little bit better view to the person behind the gorgeous creations and all what I read from you, about you, ideas, struggles, dreams, problems... it makes me your work more personal and even more stunning.

I hope you will find your missing words or why the motivation for writing your blog is gone. Or if this is maybe a symptom of somethings else...

So... on my second thought: Nonononononononono!


I would miss your blog but hope that it is just a break for finding, getting back or redefining the motivation to write.

And if it is not only a break... I would really miss the small insights you give about who you are and what is going on in your brain!

Anonymous said...

yeah that is what I meant to say what Cindy said-
do you get to walk away-do you want to walk away-
could your blog bring you in money? would that free you up bait to be both a writer and creator if we could pay you for both? I would pay to sign up for your wisdom-would that help? Is it the money, the time. I know as an artist if I don't sell a lot I can get depressed. so here we are basically wanting you, you and your jewelry and that should feel good. sell your blog-can you? look into it because I bet you could make a living off both your jewelry and your writing.

Unknown said...

I love reading your blog and your exquisite jewellery. Maybe write a book, including your arty pieces and fab words.
Take care

Unknown said...

Ok, you've done it. I love your work, and I've been threatening to figure out Instagram. I have an account and am following people, but I keep trying to deal with it on my computer since I'm not much for my phone. But in order to see your pieces, I'm up to it. I'm going to reset my password and whatever is necessary!

CraftyHope said...

Not having your blog posts on a regular basis will be tough, but you gotta do what's best for you. All the best as you take this break! You'll be missed.