Er, more non-eyecandy.

I've heard from a couple folks about a bangle challenge blog hop. Y'all should join with your gypsy stacks! It would be great exposure for your blogs to a whole other group of bloggers and she had 75 participants last I heard. Plus it enters you in a giveaway for a tutorial on a kind of reverse knotting (?) tutorial. Anywho, it's from this blog which is actually called "Make Bracelets," of all things. It's totally dedicated to just making your own skydiving equipment. Yeah. There's plenty of time to join as the reveal is on the 21st.
Go to it!
Meanwhile, my sister and her 2 little goblins are over. Just spent the last hour washing dog poo out of some "princess shoes." Then trying to get said princess to put her undies back on. Did I mention she watered the dog poo? In any case, more delays on the eye candy.
No, Lori, I don't miss the food cuz I grew up here. They call me gringa there. It's bizarre.
In my parent's house it was unanimously agreed that the cleverest comment we've seen in a long time has been Numinosity's "The prez is adorable. I like the Clint in his eye."
Get it?
But I love all your comments. They warm the dark depths of my shriveled black heart.


TesoriTrovati said...

Just finished my first reading of the tutorial, fanciful! I will be working on some bangle making tonight! Good stuff! Enjoy the day.

Jackie said...

Oh bummer, looks like we missed the deadline.

"You must let me know you want to participate by Monday April 2nd, 2012."

Dog poo and princess shoes, what a combo! LOL

Beatnheart said...
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Beatnheart said...

I went toTracy's blog told her I was already stacked and ready to go and got an email confirming...she heard that Francij jus t posted about it so if you want to enter she might make room for it.. Whataya got to lose... It makes for a blog post idea and gets your stuff out there in a different way.. .
Cheers y'all !

Rosie Moceri said...

Hey Jackie, It's not too late to join in on the bangle thingy... email her!

Jackie said...

My bad! I'm gonna duct tape my mouth shut for a while, I keep giving out incorrect info.

Thanks for that info ladies!!

Rosie Moceri said...

Thanks for telling us about this Fanci! This should be some good exposure for us!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Thanks for the link Fanci and I have to say I think Pepe is a pretty cool dude.

Aqua Junko Artworks said...

Can't wait to see the challenge - no can do surgery on my knee on Fri. But may work on my Bracelets during recovery time.

13 said...

Loving the new stuff, especially that cute little charlotte, yummy, and the japanese tin.

Louise said...

Another drool blog from you! You must forgive me, sometimes I am so overwhelmed glaring at your eye candy images that I hardly stop to read. Then I go back to read it, if not have already gone to your shoppe to see if the stuff is gone. I love those earrings with the "Thin layer of utee over the paper and wax o" written underneath, when you will list... i wait and watch - just like a spider.

betweenreader said...

this makes me picture a heart like a raisen -- the heart of Ramses II? very inspiring, Marina!