Finally some new eye candy.

(Note: If anyone had issues with the links, they're all fixed now.)
Thank you guys so much for all your wonderful feedback. 
(Ingredients: This guy has a tag from Germany, a fat rough garnet, a chunky pendant from vladthebat a buncha blue ceramic beads from potterygirl1 and 1 from happyfallout and 1 from jewelryidentity with real bronze clay coating. AND Roman glass on the dangly bit. And that center bit is an old lamp cord covered in woven fibers and waxed.)
Jean A. Wells said: I was wondering what that smell was.
I've showered since then. In fact I showered...--wait for it-- TWICE!

 rubyd. said: Make sure you are saving all of these motherfreakin tute photos in high resolution files too(in fact, you could submit a book proposal right now based on these tutes as chapters!)
No, processing high-resolution photo files is a pain in the ass. It's 10x easier to take and edit and use small pictures, which are good enough for the web but for whatever reason when printed in book form become crap. Though I guess I could submit a book proposal based on these and let the publisher's people worry about pictures... hmmm.... that's quite an idea...

You guys don't know how awesome it's been to be back in the studio! There are so many glorious things there. I can't even believe the treasures so many of you have sent and even that I was able to find on line and in Uruguay. Sigh...
neshumasaid:They are the best combined investment that I’ve made in a long time. 
You don't know how awesome it is for me to hear that. That is so so so wonderful.

Sandra said: Too bad neither novacan nor jax are available here
OK, for all you Germans or generally foreign and exotic types-- while I can't be sure, I know that tons of products are available for people who work with model trains. That includes antiquing and oxidizing products. So maybe if you go to your local model train website you might find some chemicals. I'd look it up but I'm not so good with the Shprekenzee, so you'll have to tell me how it goes.

Carrie, Like I said in the tute, amazon doesn't charge a hazardous materials fee!! Just the company's site does. Don't go driving anywhere, don't break the shut-in code!

(Ingredients: This necklace has the eye from Germany and a tiny container as it's bezel. The long bit under it is actually a little case. Maybe a needle case? And both ends are mother of pearl. Even linked as it is it still can be opened and closed. Also a druzy shield shaped agate pendant.)

alteredarcheology said...   Well, I can't actually quote what she said because it was all so gushing it would just be embarrassing. But it made me think. You know it would be so much harder for me to try and be all professional and NOT talk openly about what I do and how... I wonder sometimes because I see people being so horrified and embarrassed at the idea of being open... but whenever I've been open I only get positive responses. I mean, I guess I'm smart enough to word it in a way that wont hurt people's feelings if, say, what I'm being open about is some kind of criticism... cuz I can put myself in the place of others... yeah... so... what was the question?

(Ingredients: This ceramic pendant I got ages ago from potterygirl1 then foiled and finally was able to use. Another  German glass eve and antique African beads from BeesOnPie, as well as the aquamarines she sent and the teeny clay ones she made herself. Oh and the chain is from an old lamp pull.)

Anonymous said: Any chance you will make the oxidizing tute a separate buy in the future?
Well, I don't see why not.A Practical Guide to Oxidizing- aPDF TutorialA Practical Guide to Oxidizing- PDF Tutorial
 I feel like there's gonna be a yin to all this yang and next thing I know something bad is gonna happen... YEAH! I have this sinking feeling like I'm in trouble with someone for something...
Oh my god!! What am I in trouble for!!!??? Who out there is pissed at me??? Weird paranoia attack outta left field AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!! Wait. It's over.

(Ingredients: Crystal tube w/druzy bottom from Uruguay, wheel pulley thing from Germany... I forgot her name! Elstred? I'm too tired to find the link... Ear connector from Jewel Identity and faceted iridescents from Grubbi. No links, sorry... doggy wants a walk and I'm rushed.)

So I spent the last 2 days with half a haircut. I got tired after the left half. Basically half my hair was layered. No one noticed. My hair is so thick a family of mice could move in and you wouldn't know. But it's fixed now and that's why the second shower, see? And I re-discovered the reason people tend to cut their hair (if they cut their own hair at all) in front of mirrors instead of holding their head upside-down over the toilet. Yes, it did give me a good head rush.

Also, my mom came home from taking care of my nephew and niece. She told me that at one point
Carlos (6) picked up his recorder/flute thing and started playing it all randomly... and Marcela (3) started dancing to it. 
Carlos stopped and said, "You have to sing, too." 
And Marcela goes "But I'm soooo tired! I've been dancing all day!"

(Ingredients:  I was able to rivet a flower-esque finding that SacredCake sent me on this ring and then curl the petals to hold Mr Suave Dude in place securely. He's also from Germany! Finally able to use some of the awesome things she sent.  Oh I have so much making built up in me I wanna explodify.)

I'm happy you all are having fun with the tutes. Hey, if any links don't work, I fixed them up and they should work now. From which you can deduce that  you can bookmark and re-access the tutes at that site. you don't have to download it...

Anyone with cats, can you just go look at the contraption Happyfallout's boyfriend made to keep the cat off the labtop?


Beatnheart said...

Can you make a tute to tell me how to get all that kool stuff to be sent to me?

Next request...A Fanciful Devices fully inclusive Tour
to Uraguay. You’ll be our host and tour guide as we gather all the kick ass cool shit you have so we can kinda be as awesome as you although i know that ain’t ever gonna happen but what the hey a girl can dream.

Anonymous said...

Yeah great to see you can still make time to create your gorgeous jewels. Loving the new tute. Don't u ever sleep..r u a vampire, just going to take a closer look at your blog photo to see if it twinkles.

potterygirl1 said...

Man I just love all the new Beuties you created!
Can't wait to start working on the new toot!

Carrie said...

OH! That's must be where the linky I couldn't work in the tute led to--Amazon!

OK awesome, because Tinley is like so... Tinley. I did see The Cure there sometime in the early 90's but everyone stood on their seats and blocked the view so it sucked. Wasn't looking forward to getting mad about that all over again. Thanks for the tip!

Carrie said...

Jeebus I'm dumb because I forgot to say, thanks for the new eye candy too! Gorgeosity abounds.

JenHoney said...

I second what Beatnheart said. What's the deal with getting the mail goodies? I want in on that.

I have only gotten a chance to quickly scroll through the new tutes, but I did notice that none of the links were clickable except for the safety information sheets, which I probably shouldn't have clicked on because it scared me out of buying the products. I'll have to try shopping again once enough time has passed that I've forgotten the mental images of myself splooshing the stuff in my eyes and going blind.

Anvilartifacts said...

Oh I think we have a pretty good idea how good it felt for you to be back in the studio because ALL of these new pieces are wonderful! I like what happens to you post-tute!
Congrats on your wildly successfull tutes!

Jeannine said...

so good to see some new work! I especially love the last pair of earrings pictured.

And I love what you said about being open and truthful about your life on your blog. I think it's a big reason why so many people love to follow your work and stories!

Numinosity said...

Yes, we'll call it TOURuguay and we''l bring extra luggage for all of the goodies we'll haul back.
Great to see you kicking it in the studio again.
xoxo Kim

Jackie said...

While cleaning my desk I came across a little scrap of paper containing a note that read... April 4th - Fanci's Bday. Today is April 4th so it must be your birthday!! In my best singing voice I offer to you this little ditty...


And on this day you've given us so much eye candy I can't stop looking at it, Ima gonna wear the pics out.

I'm so loving Mr Suave Dude!! And all of your new post tute creations.
Where do I sign up for the Uraguay trip? And where do I sign up for the awesome care packages you receive.

Okay, I'm done, thanks for all you do for us and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Oh yeah, included here is a BIG bear hug! :)
Sorry I had to do a happy face.

alteredarcheology said...

Yeah, I got all mushy, I know. Thing is, it's honestly how I feel. I'm trapped in my house all day with a 2 1/2 year old boy (the absolute light of my life) but sometimes the constant interruptions are unbearable, yesterday I placated him with Lay's potato chips and Pez candy for lunch just so I could quickly glance through the oxidation sub tute. These tutorials, this blog, all of you talented girls out there inspire my journey as a jewelry artisan. It is what keeps me sane!
As usual, the new pieces are stunning. Can't wait for those pictures of your 'hauls' from URUGUAY.

Melinda said...

Very, very cool new stuff! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Flotsam Tide said...
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PipnMolly said...

Happy Birthday !!
Nice to see you creating your 'eye candy' again. Beautiful as ever.

rubyd. said...

So nice to see new pieces! And Happy B'day!
On the book/picture matter, low rez pictures just can't be upgraded to be print quality, so a book publisher's hands would be tied if you wanted to use the pics you have. They would ask you for new, high rez (300 dpi) images.
This is only if you want to keep a book in mind for all the work you are doing now with your tutes, two for one, as it were.
Don't need a crystal ball (but maybe one of your mystical pieces!) to see your bright future.

Jackie said...

Oh ladies, I apologize...it's not fanci's bday.

I hang my head in shame and my face is very, very red.

Flotsam Tide said...

Its ok Jackie, I am horrible at remembering dates, but your heart was in the right place. Now everyone should go post Happy Birthday on Sparrow's blog since today is her birthday.

This could be a belated April fool's joke for Fanci.. kind of funny if you think about it.

Jackie said...

Oh Kim, thanks for making me feel better. When I first started following Sparrow and Fanci I always got them mixed up. The little piece of paper that had the correct date should have had Sparrow's name on it. Kind of right church...wrong pew.

Getting older plus some other life changing things have caused my brain to malfunction at times! Like tonite when I went overboard wishing Fanci a happy Sparrow birthday. LOL

Tribalis said...

Good see you creating again!
hugs Fanci.

Jodi said...

Shoot in high res and simply downsize in pshop for the PDFs. Email me if you need help, it's super easy. Keep high res images in a file someplace... Even on an old/extra drive. Otherwise you will need to do a whole new batch for your print book. And you will be doing a book! Reshooting may bog you down more than squirreling them away now. Two cents from graphics person by day! And... You rock!

Aqua Junko Artworks said...

Love your toots! I got all of them and can not wait to dig in! There's a store near me that sells filler bangles $3.00 for 24! I agree with others about you doing a book!

ZalinaW said...

I love your pieces!