Bangle Bender

I'd forgotten how addictive it is to make these.
I was taken in by those sweet little seed beads at the Uruguayan Chinese bead shop I think. There was something nostalgic and old-fashioned about them, but then I end up with a ton of little beads with no purpose.

 But yeah, I'd forgotten how satisfying it is to just use up tons of supplies and have them done with.

 The one on top is actually a complete rainbow! My pre-K teachers would be so proud.

And here's the black pile that I'd actually put aside while I was making my tutorial then never used. Phew. And little buttons, hematite from Uruguay and what not.

Oh and these black wire ones that have fiber wrapped around them. I gotta remember to wax those or they'll come apart. Still haven't listed these.

Also the orangey/amber beads I got from dollar bead that I was unable to incorporate into anything...
 All kinds of odds and ends. And I actually used memory wire I had tons of as the base. Had to sorta un-coil them or enlarge the spirals it came in. And of course, snip and hook them into individual bangles, cuz I'm not crazy about the look of memory wire bracelets.
Now with all these beads used up, I can focus on some minimalish necklaces with the fancy finds from Uruguay and some simple thick cords.

Here's a pair of earrings made from two separate pairs that I'd earlier taken down because I wasn't pleased with them. I don't know if I'm pleased with these but... I guess it's for a customer to decide...

So I gave in and bought me a rolling mill!! It's on its way. I'm dying to work with all kinds of flattened wire. Without having to make the hammering effort. 
Shinji Nakaba does amazing things with flattened steel, as well as aluminum cans and plastic bottles:
If you click through all of his blog there's nothing he makes that he doesn't give a step-by step to in pictures.
By the way, FlotsamTide posted about this. Please go and sign the petition. (Maybe cover the right side of the screen with your hand and sign it without reading it. It's a cruelty to animals thing.)

penabranca.tumblr.com/post/18443089891# I'm reading three different books explaining quantum physics to the layperson. (One of them may be too lay as it just finished explaining why math is necessary.) If any of you have checked out my pintrest 'randoms' board, you'll know I'm on a cosmic kick. And what I mean by cosmic is anything impossibly small or impossibly large, I guess. Or that encompasses all things.

And also the combination of 'cosmic' and vintage- ie, vintage outerspace imagery- is just sexing my eyeballs up and down.WonderlandClick on images for links.

I'm working on another hinged anatomy cuff and stuff. Noticing how 'high art' art jewelry has no spontaneity in it's precision. Drawing sketches of things I wanna cut out of tin, cuddling Mom's cats and staying out of the heat.
My nephew David who just turned four came to visit from California. When Dad explained that a certain building had glass walls he said, "'Buelo, glass walls are just windows."              !!!cycloid


Alice said...

Your bangles are beautiful! What a great way to use up beads. The black bangles are so cool.

Rosie Moceri said...

Ugh... I can't believe that anti-cruelty blog. What is wrong with people? Thx for posting it.

Beatnheart said...
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Lela said...

Gorgeous bangles once again...the whites are my very fave.

Juliette said...

Lovely bangles. Really great stuff, chica!

I'm with Beatnheart with the feelings on animal cruelty. I tend to get a bit militant about protecting animals, sometimes I think I prefer them to humans.

Flotsam Tide said...

Ever since you mentioned Shinji Nakaba's blog I have been mesmerized by his work. I am excited to see what you will create with the rolling mill. Love all the bangle stacks, the rainbow group makes me smile. Thanks for sharing info about the petition it means so much. <3

Penelope said...

HA! Bitten by the sci-fi bug! See how I creep into your brain...

I LOVE THOSE EARRINGS. Arg the colours, the textures...luvverly.

Why don't I make those bangle things? I totally should, I'm knee deep in destash beads over here.

Beatnheart said...

Sign the petition while you close your eyes. So frightening and sad what people do in this world of ours.