EEt's a men-stra-shon sichu-a-shon all aroun' de in-tair nay-shon!

You gotta read the title in a severe Jamacan accent for it to work. Kim assures me it's as funny in her head as it is out loud so if you weren't entertained blame her.

Take that period:
And that! (Cute animals always counteract the menstruals. )

I realized I never did anything to celebrate my 300th follower- Awwww Yeeaahhh, time for a giveaway!
Hymns to Freedom. Gilded Assemblage Earrings of Leaves and Music.To paraphrase myself when I celebrated my 200th - getting 300 followers was a lot harder than getting 300 sales. I know, not everyone who reads this becomes an actual 'follwer' per se, or read blogs in whatever a google reader is, I usually see it as just a stamp of support. So a giveaway to say thank you ladies, I love you to death.

Hymns to Freedom. Gilded Assemblage Earrings of Leaves and Music.So leave a comment to win these. Though honestly, only one of you will get them so how is that a thank you? For that matter, you only read this because you like it not out of some charitable affection toward me so it's not like I owe you! DAMN YOU ALL!
Anywho, there's even a little sompin in the back--->

Louise and Lorelei - I find everything in Uruguay, duh! I never know what I'll find. This time I happened upon a ton of little toys and weird anatomical tins. Who knows what next time will bring. That's why everyone wants to go there with me. By the way, do people still want to go there with me?

Here's some new things-

Gardanne you cracked me up with, "Thanks for the therapy, you are a full service blog."

Patty and stregata, thanks for saying you like my silly walls. I like them too!

alteredarcheology had me giddy with her comment: "I picked up my copy of Jewelry Affaire and lemme say, what you wrote was a perfect expression of how you work, who you are and why you do what you do. The necklace is pretty but your words went far beyond." Awww, shucks!

"Is there any end to your amazing supply stash?" No, Kimberly, there sure isn't. Thus the panic.

"well i haven’t done anything for very long like since january when i first met you and got obsessed."  Whatchutalkinbout Beatnheart? You've done stuff. You made jewelry, right? Oh, you mean like leave the house. That.
Skye comments, "I mentioned you in my blog. If you're bored, please pop over and give it a read ;) "
Aw, thanks sweetie. Of course, since the whole thing involves telling folks 7 things about yourself, and here I reveal so much more than anyone wants to hear about, I figure task accomplished.

I can't quite seem to get an attractive picture of these and I'm wonder- ing if it's because I just don't find them attractive.

White with green, bronze and touches of yellow.  And I guess that's all I have to say about that. I'm working on more interesting stuff, I swear. These are just the ones that got finished recently. 


Juliette Williams said...

Hey you! Loving that first pair of earrings, dammit. Are they listed? Argh! (frustration ensues as I need to make more money before spending more)

Anyway, would love to win those earrings you posted for your giveaway so thought I would let you know.

Love, love, love your creativity, you, and your spirit.

xoxo Juliette

Tami said...

Congrats on 300, Marina!!! I love your art and your blog-you always give me a chuckle! Thanks for everything and I'd love to be in your drawing!

beadybaby said...

I think everything on this page is great...those earrings are just hard to photograph. Love the huge chandy-chainy ones! Cindy

jenna said...

omg monkey! Oh yeah, and I want in on that giveaway.

La Fileuse said...

Thanks a lot for the giveaway. The idea is already a "thank you" for us.

I would like to go to Uruguay too, ladies ! But I can't... Well, if you feel somebody smiling behind your shoulders during the hunt, don't worry, it'll probably be my astral self ! ^^

Flotsam Tide said...

Yay for a giveaway, thanks for another chance to win some of your gorgeous stuff. I read the title of your blog post to my man out loud in my best Jamaican accent, and "he" thought it sounded crazy and unintelligable but funny! Loving the rich browns in the pair of earrings with the thimble, and I like your ufo disc pair. Those metal bits at the bottom have the nicest shape.

Beatnheart said...

Oh chilll rin... U think bleediins bad? Just wait for glorious menopause and don't say I didn't worn u... More female fun on the horizon young ins.
I wanted those musical earrings since I first layed eyes on them being a musical type but also being a cheep skate never do buy jewels for myself on a canna that's a lot of supplies and beeds. So are you gonna have a squirrel pick out da winner( thank you Petra!!!!) do I have to take a quiz or answer pop culture questions or be really clever and make you laugh till yer milk spews out of yer nose? Is the "random selector" gonna pick the winner by random I mean I like you the best and you've never won anything so I'm gonna pick you or you bought so much stuff from me I'm gonna give you something as a reward?
Oh yeah did I tell you that Men O Pause turns you into a bitter angy beech that can't spell?

Beatnheart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

I'll be right back. I'm out the door to go check on Cynthia.

martinisfor2 said...

OMG....the tears are still running down my face from your freakin hillarious title! I can hardly see to type this (husband thinks I've finally lost it...little does he know long ago that was. ssshhhhh! Be vewee vewee qwiet...heh heh heh!)

Congrats on your 300th! Okay, that sounded a little weird... I am squeeein thrilled about the giveaway that comes with it. Those earrings are wicked gorgeous. How are you going to out do Sir Mack and the squirrel in picking the winner? Count me in 300 times!

I am drooling over the latest creativity...was this before or after the bloody curse? And Beatnheart you're freakin me out about meno. I'm in total denial about that, as I'm beatnonthatdoor ha, ha, ha. I'm really loving all of the earrings and the bracelet too.

I will be in Uruguay in spirit also. I would love to visit those markets....take lots of pics for me.

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Beatnheart's okay. Her heart was just Beatn a lit fast because of that giveaway lust syndrome.

That monkey is hilarious. Now tell me...just who here wants to change a diaper on a monkey? Huh, who?? Ugh.

Love all the great stuff on that huge pair of earrings!

13 said...

And that's just the chimps in nappies.Loving the new earrings, especially the thimble and acorn, ur gonna hate me for saying they're cute...
Liking the bracelet too

Beatnheart said...

Awww... Fanci sorry that I scared all the ladies away with my ranting and raving. I guess I fell that as big sister I need to share my truths and realities of my experience guess I should just stick to talkin about beads.

I'm going back to my Padded cell.
Wish I did have me a Lela -bouse- McCracken to look after me...
Peace out I love you guys

Betty S. said...

Well, at least Beatnheart was kind enough not to mention the "not sleeping" and "flashing" part of menopause. Oh wait, did I give that away? Does that mean I can't win those earrings? Do love them as well as those dancin' ladies with big hats that you had a hard time photographing.
Thanks for such a gloriously entertaining blog!

laura said...

I hate being poor. Well, we are not poor-poor, but in a "gasp, we are parents to two young-uns and actually need to start this whole saving concept." Sucks. I want to buy everything from your shop! Sigh. I love you.

Tribalis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tribalis said...

Hey Fanci, I go to the point: I want win that earrings!
Third, because I think that they will fit great in a Brazilian lobes. Second because I love leaves.
First because I love everything you do!

Those hoops are... ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!.....

Rosie Moceri said...

Awwww, sooo cute! I love how you throw in randoms. Btw, I've finally purchased some Jax Black and it has changed my life! :)

alteredarcheology said...

I don't even have pierced ears.... :((

Kimberly said...

Oh man am I too late? I'm just sufferin from mental pause I guess and sometimes these blogs just get away from me and I swear I've commented or save them for when I'm in the perfect receptive mood, like now.
I feel as though I've been in a slump and then look back and it's like only been a few days which feels like forever but there's still that feeling that I haven't participated properly. so here I am participating and appreciating and especially because you take the time to answer publicly with my fanci Kimberly name so as not to be confused with Kim that is not me.
Your blog is a bright spot in my day which is nothing like that bright spot I see on road signs these days from my vitreous humour problem that I was explaining on my blog the other day.

Oh and you asked about the Uruguay trip. Yes, I'm still interested...oh yes.