Can it possibly be pims time again? Cuz I was gonna complain about my sales, then I checked and I made some. But I can still complain that generally I sell tons of tutes but hardly any physical pieces... but then I remembered I'm sending this shop a ton of crap that hasn't sold in forever for her to try to sell. Her being the shop...
I was gonna complain that I seem to be working every day without anything to show for it. Like I did all this embozzeling (embezzling sounds like I'm putting things in bezels! Or, you know, stealing $ from my company):

But these aren't really in keeping with what I want to be my new cosmic direction... and also now that I have all these elaborately matching bits... now what? Except then I did come up with:
Oh and I was gonna complain I somehow lost the mate of the big hoop you see 2 pictures up, but then my husband came in 2 seconds ago and handed it to me, having found it while sweeping the patio. I've had to embezzleboss in the patio because it's too hot to be creating more heat in the house for the AC to contend with. Actually, the last two days have been ok, so I can't complain about that.
I can complain about the mess I made of my 1st ever attempt at 2-part resin:
Hey, why didn't you seal the ladies? That's, like, resin 101, yo! Because ... previously the transparent paper thing had looked good. When I used utee to, you know, circumvent resin. The two being different materials that behave nothing like each other.
Did I ever show you these weird pink plastic buttons w/paper images of elizabeth... whatsherface with marlene dipstick all worn right in the middle that I'd gotten w/my toy haul?
Basically ruined, as they're actually much darker than this. (I can't help but over-fix shit in the photoshoppings. even tho I missed a hair in the lower right. How much of my life do I waste cleaning shit out of my pictures? Why am I such a filth bucket? Why can't I work on tables like normal people?)
This shattered ol' thing I resined into one of my huge glass lenses. It looks ok, even tho it's actually filled with bubbles and there's all kinds of resin and shit stuck to the other side. Oh and I set all my resin pieces to cure in a box that only later I realized was papered, so that was fun. And all my resin overflowed since I'm using it on things that aren't exactly trays... cuz it used to work with thick ol' utee ... So. Fun times removing paper and globs of resin from many many backsides. (There's an ass joke in there somewhere.)
You can't even tell but the only part here that looks really transparent is- her cheeks! Yay.
This is coming along. (Gold rub-n-buff and specks of gold emblazoning on giant wooden button from Ur.)

As are these.
Resined this stick connector to the back so's I could make an arc over the shrine with wire/beads/dogpoo:

These are coming out substantially more retarded than expected:
I think the resin over the ladies isn't helping. I love the idea of a little compartment thing with a vignette like a tiny theater... but now I'm wondering if anyone would actually want this as a necklace. Poo.
I re-did this guy, added leafing on the stamp to make it stand out:
Sure, I could have saved the original image to show you a before-and-after, but I thought I'd quickly delete the pix without thinking, thus making this post much less meaningful...
Darling Desperate Daughter. Victorian Tribal Shabby Chic  Lace Assemblage Art Necklace.
This was returned to me after they decided not to publish it in belle armoire or jewelry affaire. But that's cool, it only took, like, a year to get it back...
Darling Desperate Daughter. Victorian Tribal Shabby Chic  Lace Assemblage Art Necklace.
Along with it came-
But I have to remove all the extra chain, put a different charm/medal in the middle of the pocket chain and yeah...
So if I wanna list the one thing they did publish, would it be a no-no to copy their picture? So sick of fixing pictures!
RESERVED. Anatomical Kitch.
Labyrinthitis. This guy-which I mentioned came out way skinny- seems much less perfect than the first one:
RESERVED. Anatomical Kitch. I think the skull diagram is just more appealing and the way it paired with the polka dot tin was
pretty spectacular. Plus come to find the tobacco tin I used for the other side is rather flimsier than the polkas.  Sigh...
I could scrap the back side and re-do it... Tho... still think it could work for someone... It's not flimsy flimsy. I'll list it for less though...

What else do I wanna grumble and gripe about? I was away from my perch at the computer for a day and a half because of some visitors visiting and now I feel so out of touch! All y'all and your gorgeous blogs and your creative energy- it's really hard to keep up. And I enjoy reading your comments SOOOOO much but then if I don't specifically respond... how are you to know how much I love them? Like, 13- OK, the baby's freaky but I have 3 and feel obligated to use at least one in something. Vintajia, I looked up the glass cutters you recommended- wow. Love. And there's this economy one that has good reviews:
Economy pistol Ten bucks!! And then I spent 3 hours pouring over that entire stained glass supply shop with a fine-tooth comb. Why? I don't know. But I blame you, Vinatgia!  Imagine the crap I could make with this glass!!
Sure, it's only seventy bucks a sample pack.

Alice, thank you for forgiving me my scumminess. I needed that. And all of you who gave my cosmic gals the thumbs up. Like, juliette, I love that you liked the twin jesus. It actually made me like it more. And yes, sparrow, those girls are intended for simple small chains. Actually, I'm thinking of layering them with-->

So you get 2 necklaces that hang like:
 Don't be jealous of my awesome drawrings.
I put the rolling mill box on to a built-in wooden bookshelf/desk I have that's proly the sturdiest thing in this house.  Getting it up there... what it weighed... saw my life flash before me... the most intense few seconds.... I don't ... I can't.... and this sentence.... won't resolve itself....
 So I cut and tore and sweated the cardboard box off of it and inside I found- another cardboard box! With another box immediately inside that! Fuck me sideways.

Here's the container thing. Come to find it really needs some solder globs on the inside wherever a pin is holing something in place. Because after fidgeting with it enough, they'll just be overtaxed wires... almost there now...
On top of the ... top... there's a... er.... top. I'm serious. See the yellow disc with the orange and blue flower/sun/starburst? That's an old spinning top I got in my toy haul. Just missing the central metal stick you spin it with...  Goddamn does anyone have a clue what I'm saying? So the spinning top toy is on the upper side of the container's lid. The top's on top of the top.

(Can I just say, this phrase is missing a final question mark. As a grammar nazi I find that maddening. Also, the middle 'toast' on the final line should have an 's': toast toasts toast. Arg! I'm so annoying! Everyone hates a grammar nazi.)
'Memeber this:

 It now looks like this:
OK, feeling weepy for no reason, that's totes da pims. Why come no one else goes on and on and on about their menstrual cycle on their blog? Hu?


Juliette said...

yeah, STILL liking the twin Jesus more. Twin=Didymus=twin Jesus? Might have that wrong but know it means something like 'twin' in Greek.
xoxo Juliette

Penelope said...

The resin bits do NOT look ruined, they look fantastico!! Also layering those ladies with those druzy = I DIE. I can't believe those first things are plastic embezzing powder, looks like legit enamel!

Man, so much to perve on in this post. Look at all the colour you're getting into! I am getting into colour bigtime, which everyone would know if I actually blogged about it instead of hiding under a rock.

willowstudio said...

Like Sparrow, I don't think the cosmic maidens are ruined. And "B is for Badr" rocks.
Stop thinking about your work until you're pms'd out.
(My sister once encapsulated the whole cycle as:
Pre-periocidal, Perio-cidal, and Post-periocidal. Repeat.)

Anvil Artifacts said...

willowstudio, your sis hit the nail on the perio-head! hahahahaha
cool eyeball monster, LOVE the anatomy cuffs and the Darling Desperate Daughter is swoon worthy. Tremendously cool stuff.
btw, Did you know that you can sand your resin with fine grit sandpaper to give it a frosty, ethereal look? That's what I do when it's too crisp.

Anvil Artifacts said...

not saying those are too crisp, btw. sheesh.

Flotsam Tide said...

Loving the toy candy pop colors and your galactic cosmic explorations. Those druzy pendants with your focal ladies will be really wonderful. I dunno I am just here for the pretty stuff. I read to G your rolling mill story because I burst out laughing and he got a kick out of it too. (I hope my grammar is ok here, you've made me nervous now). What I want to know is who else writes "fuck me sideways" on their blog? You are an original and I love ya.

PipnMolly said...

That amazing candy crusty is really plastic?? total awe. Love the spinning top container. Interested to see where you are going with the glass and oh ya yeah... happy milling.

Beatnheart said...

I’m afraid to say bad things on my blog...Catholic nuns might be watching me from heaven and put me in Limbo for being a bad bad girl/person.
Everything you do is do fookin magical that it makes me feel like I have PMS and all weepy and getting ready to hack off all my hair under the guise of “trimming my bangs” but anhow wish I had 1/ 100000 th of your talent , car iz ma and the rest.

Patty said...

My mouth is hanging open looking at
All This. I agree that the ladies are just 'in the process', not ruined.

Layering the resin with things put at
different levels?

Tami said...

I can't believe that your amazingly beautiful necklace didn't get published on that go-round! Love it!

I'm always proofreading and catching stuff too-it just pops out at me :)


Skye said...

I try not to blog when I'm in PIMs... I ramble, whine and bitch enough on regular posts.. my cursing jumps to knew levels during Pims lol

I like the way that first resin's lady looks. The transparent parts of her blend in with the stars and stuff behind her making her more .. celestial :D

Oh and I totally thought of you today...I was out at a big out door market and came across tons of stalls spread out on the ground on tarps filled with THEENGS . I bought two rusty old skeleton keys cause they were just too fabulous not to ;)

Anonymous said...

More earrings please, when you feel like it. I'm waiting for some new earrings to show up in your shop- then I'll pounce.
Can't wait to see what you do with the mill roller.

Anonymous said...

Loving the pink,teal, lime so much.
Baby with halo...not so much..The tin capcule, god I can't spell in my own feckin language..that tin thingy is cool. Going to read that big book with lots of words in it called a dick something or other!

happyfallout said...

those embezzled things are anything if not totally, high-level cosmic!

Tribalis said...

because complain is part of our nature..do you believe in Freud, Marina? I do!
Do you realize that men complain less than women? Or never do.
My husband is the most illuminated spirit that I ever saw! He NEVER complains, EXCEPT when I am complaining too much, he complains because I am complain.. poor darling, he carries a cross during my PMS!

Tribalis said...

Love all these colorful stuff!

alteredarcheology said...

You know what? I love the pink fetus shrine and the pink crab/ pink druzy thing. They are off the hook bizarro and unexpected. I get it Marina. A coupla weeks ago I found a neon pink plastic wooly mammoth in the parking lot at Sears (hey, I was buying vacuum cleaner bags) and couldn't resist picking him up.
Umm, nothing against Jewelry Affair but they are whack for not publishing Darling D Daughter. Too much of a masterpiece for them I guess.....