Winner and stuff

I actually picked randomly this time, I have proof:
Sure it's no three entire movies of a squirrel with peanuts and a whole thing, but congrats beadybaby! Convo me your address.
Anywhachamacallit, these guys are up.
The Music of the Spheres. Rustic Gypsy bronze dangles.The Music of the Spheres.

Eternitarian. Asymmetrical Tribal Gypsy Earrings with Citrine.Eternitarian.

Hypatia.  Rustic Gypsy Tribal Victorian Assemblage Hoops.Hypatia.

Escape from the Eternal Round. Chunky Rustic Assemblage Bracelet.Escape from the Eternal Round.

And now so are these:
Bringing Forth the Fire. Rustic Tribal Gypsy Choker with Gold Leaf.
Bringing Forth the Fire.

Bringing Forth the Fire. Rustic Tribal Gypsy Choker with Gold Leaf.

Remember these beads? I went simpler in design and used a leather cord to keep them from flipping.
Bringing Forth the Fire. Rustic Tribal Gypsy Choker with Gold Leaf.
Enigmas That Surround. Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack.
Enigmas That Surround.

Guess what? Two new bangle stacks!
Enigmas That Surround II. Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack.
Enigmas That Surround II.
High time someone around here destashed some beads!
But my favorite of all....
Spohia and the Gnostics.  White Patina Cuff with stamping over cowhide, etched salvaged tin and mirror buttons.
Spohia and the Gnostics.
Check it! White patina babeeee! I had to have a lightbulb moment when I realized that the rub-n-buff dissolves in mineral oil (baby oil) to get the tin part right, and learn to only use a teeeeny bit of mineral oil at that.... but yeah. Things never age white, so who knows what it's supposed to look like but hey. It's ghostly and the white gives it a feminine Idon'tknowwhat, as the French say.  Touch of the ol' chicky shab...


Jackie said...

Those bangles are so fab and Hypatia also did it for me. Wow, always so creative, I love your pieces.

Flotsam Tide said...

That white patina cuff is my favorite too... swooning over here. Just beautiful, my eyes are dancing.

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

The patterns on the cuff are gorgeous & the white really sets them off.

Beatnheart said...

Geez Louise the master at work... Always something new exciting and creative comes out of your workshop.

Anvil Artifacts said...

yummy bracelets. the white is very nice. fresh and old at the same time, and full of character.
congrats beadybaby!

Rosie Moceri said...

I was wondering when we'd see some more of your bangle sets. Love them!

Petra Carpreau said...

Ha ha haa - you love heeem, and you want heem, but that squirrel is all mine!!!! ha haaaa.
But you got the better giveaway prizes, so hey! Congrats beadybaby!
Great new stuff! Wow, are those ear extravaganzas as heavy as they look?? Those bangle stacks look pretty mega well!!
Wow, the white looks amazing on the cuff detailing. What a clever sausage!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Fanciful, I love your work, I've been watching it for a while shabby and intelligent and homeless amd found and shone up but not too much like a cleaned up alcoholic or a cleaned up world has a peep to say. I see you have nice handwriting, would you ever consider writing some of your intelligent buff words on plain paper preserving them under resin, a nice clear resin, and affixing them (as a pendant) with some grungy chain a few baubles, oh not too much (just a very plain sad world pendant, nicks and dents), I'm a guy and I crave some of your stuff. Oops. Eric From Canada

Tribalis said...

Beautiful new pieces Fanci!
Congratulations to the winner!

martinisfor2 said...

Congrats to beady baby!

I love the new designs. The earrings are gorgeous and the amazing look of the white patina on that bracelet....yummy.

shelly said...

I love all of it... the art and the writing.