Whatchu up to?

I am being a big, grown-up Artist who wrassles with important, Deep Art Questions and is not taken in by girly sugary frivolities like these from beedhappy:
Vintage Glass Beads (2) Acorn Top or Bead Cap Gold BeadsVintage (4) Light Amethyst Glass Cab no hole Beads
Because as an Arteest I am serious and profound and meaningful and not 50s-era tacky in pinks andVintage Glass Cabs (4) Cherry Brand Lemon With Glitter Flat Back CabsVintage Beads (2) Earring Perfect Pink and Lavender Enamel and Crystal Super Rare Beads
bright blues which I wouldn't know what to do with in my actual work, my oeuvre, my soul'sVINTAGE (1) RARE AMAZING Deco Glass Cab BeadVintage (2) Old Japanese Stunning Black with Aqua Foil Glass Beads
labor over which I sweat and suffer! And I manage my time responsibly and don't have ick growing Vintage Glass Beads (1) White Summerso Handmade Venetian Football BeadVintage Glass Beads (6) Grape Sugar on White BEads
in my toilets with fully developed eco-systems! Nor do I waste hours staring at cutesy dollhouse miniVintage Glass Beads (2) Rare PInk Sugar Large Size BeadsVintage Glass Frit Sugar Beads (4)
furniture for no damn reason because really why would I? Exactly what are you accusing me of anyways you? You imaginary person I'm yelling at hyper defensively?

And anyways, if I were... if I were wasting the precious hours of my life thusly... it's, it's really hot out and as an artist I don't have to explain myself and, and- this is an anomaly!
Could some- ... anomaly in the -... (pause) space! time! continuum be causing this.... anomaly?

Where was I? What was I saying? Where am I? What's my name? Mommy?
Lets just look at some WIP, shall we? For those of you as retarded at acronyms as me, that's Work In Progress. 

Bride of the galaxy, princess of vast spaces. Our lady of the badass nebula.
You know what's weird I just realized? Earlier today? I'm not goofy or silly in my art. At all. But when I speak as me, personally, as Marina, I cannot not be a goof. Why is that? Like, I'm certainly not considering naming the above 'Our Lady of the Badass Nebula.' ... (On our left, inexplicably twinnified Jesus.)

In any case, as you can see, the whole cosmic thing is totes manifesting. Old images mixed with recent, cutting edge images of nebula (below) and one of Jupiter's moons (above).

 Here's a thing! It's not cosmic, though.

Here's a pink thing.
 Here's a done thing I keep forgetting to photograph. But wait- now it's darker and sort of maroon-ish. It's a canister with a connected top that opens and closes along a cord thing slide thing. I are so articulate!

Above another done thing I can't remember to photograph.
The cuff here is way tight on my wrist, thus making it awesome for all y'all boney maloneys whose wrists are smaller than 6.5 or so. I gotta stop doing that. Thing is I had it all cut out and assembled when I suddenly remembered- ANGLE! I forgot to cut and curl hinges on an angle! Happens when you're making 58 things at a time and can't even remember to brush your teeth. Oh crap. No, seriously I think I forgot to brush my teeth today. CRAP! I don't mean to be gross... Did I eat?
Oh, and here's my attempt at glass cutting. Yup. There it is. Those big scratches of missing paint weren't there before either. That's all me. Oh, and now there's microscopic slivers of glass all over my studio and embedded into a couple knuckles. And it's not the 1st time. Ah, the sacrifices we make ... (It's not really a sacrifice when it's this much fun.)


Flotsam Tide said...

girly, pink, sugary frivolities is exactly where my brain likes to rest these days. Lovin your cosmic religious creations... wow that phrase seems heavy but your work is light filled and fun. Baby kewpie is adorable... ouch on the knuckles..

fancylinda said...

Ha! Have you been looking at my Etsy favorites? I am really liking the cosmic ladies collages, especially the one with her hands up.

happyfallout said...

the badass lady of the nebula rocks, really! It would so suit this t-shirt:

Sparrow said...

I, Penny Elizabeth Neil do hearby give formal notice of a CORONARY over those maidens in space. You know how I adore my Victorian Sci-fi!! 19th century space opera!!! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!! I want one, I think the girl with the crown. But I like me a simple chain with teeny beads. We shall discuss this later.

Ahem. *adds all those beads to favourites* I agree on the sentiments expressed, serious art requires serious supply, looking deep within...to the glitter chasms...the abysss of pink flowers...I mean rustic assemblage...bluebirds...sunshine...

Sparrow said...

Oh I forgot to say, if you dip your glass cutting tool in kerosene, it will glide over the surface easier. My daddy teach me this. I suppose if you're really weird and you don't have any kerosene about the house, you could use olive oil?

Alice said...

WhooooWheeee just look at all that eye candy--pink and glittery, dark and crusty...

I can see why you might be too busy to even brush your teeth or clean the toilet--(ewww that sounds awful when you put toilet and teeth together in the same sentence), but you are forgiven. See how nice your readers are? Now at least you should go get dressed.

Rosie Moceri said...

Gorgeous sci-fi antique-y ladies!

Anvil Artifacts said...

I always suspected you had some pink tendencies buried under all that grunge. Great WIP. Love the open/close thingy. Next tool you need now that you have a rolling mill is a ring saw to cut out glass in fancy shapes. :)

Juliette Williams said...

Really digging the twinnified Jesus piece.

beadybaby said...

I always wondered what those bowl ecosystems were called!

Vintajia Adornments said...

Ditch the el-cheapo glass cutter and get yourself a good quality Toyo. Small tin, with piece of cloth in the bottom soaked in kero/olive oil, or lubricant of choice. Cut glass on a piece of smooth carpet.
Loving the pink-cosmic vibe!

13 said...

Love the cosmic vibe...but that baby still FREAKS ME! I've got small wrists, but no money, so I'll have to stick to window shopping.

willowstudio said...

"Our Lady of the Bad-Ass Nebula"
sounds about perfect to me...she is just about perfect her own self.

Beatnheart said...

Hey thanks for the visit!