Insanium in the Cranium

Hey! HAPPYFALLOUT! I'm so happy(fallout) to hear from you! Look at these crazy insane graphics that she sent with her comment, everyone. I assume you've been deeply immersed in PhD madness? I wonder if I can get these printed super-high rez to use in more shooledy (as my mom pronounces jewelry).

OK, the images in the 1st pic especially.

The cool thing about the images I'm using here is that they're printed gorgeously on metallic paper. Once it gets resin-ified you can't see the metallic but you still have the gorgeous precision. Though maybe... maybe I need something that is aesthetic and represents the galaxies/nebula/etc, but isn't necessarily even precise? 
I've been mind wrestling with some poop lately. I seem to wanna incorporate a cosmic thing into my thing, but... like, I'm seeing cosmic images everywhere on tumblrs and places (though obviously, I go to the ones I'm interested in which means the ones that have tons of cosmic images) and I worry it may just be a bandwagon I fell into?
 But it is such a fantastic way to visualize all kinds of things I think/feel about existence and the universe. In fact, I should be original and deal with sub-microscopic images since that, too, is what I'm all about.  Basically anything of an unimaginable scale quite outside of our human one.
But have I been too lazy, is that it? Or is it that people aren't coming up with gorgeous images of the sub-microscopic biznazz like they are of the cosmic? Cuz when I search etsy for microscopic, I get microscope slides and 'cellular' I get cell phones covers. *chuckle*
OK, this one is about time- the impossibly old fossil from before flowers had even evolved- and space, or place- the compass.  So that's ... that....
I colored this citrine to combine with the image. Not bad. Today the light was crappy non-existent so these photos are extremely manipulated. I'm so manipulative with my photos, sheesh.

This certainly has nothing to do with anything.  But I did get to wrestle with steel wire trying to get it into that shape. I'm wondering if I should just start taking pix on fresh new copier paper each time. How much of my life have I spent erasing shit from my backgrounds. Wherever I go, dog hair and shmutz appears. All the papers I use are soon filthy. The corner where I take pix is by the window so my dog likes to break into my studio and stand right there, shedding all his awesomeness all over the area. I have tried cleaning it, it's just that infinite! I mean, if I could keep things clean, I'd be a whole different person.
I'm also thinking no more acrylic windows ever. They just make awful reflections for pictures, show glue and crap all over the edges and they're not really necessary in this instance.
Here I tried to cover the unattractive edge where the window fits in and I ended up with this ode to ugly:

I know, creepy baby. (Oh wait- just got a pro-baby comment from alteredarcheology! Wooo-hooo! Validation!) I can just tear out all the windows and maybe, I dunno, more leafing? Ugh, never done.
Although I couldn't stop myself from over-fixing the above, the round focal is kind of a mess. It needed resining but since I didn't have enough that needed resin to use up the smallest batch they recommend, I thought I'd cheat with some clear embossing powder. Not only did I manage to emboss my dinner table, This guy's full of bubbles and absolutely refuses to go smooth and normal. And I think I busted my heat gun. Waaaahhh! Should stick to Utee.
 Same with this one. There's all kinds of crap in the resin/emboss there. And the reflections make pix crap. And you can't see the lab on the arcs are super flashy b/c of the lack of sunlight. Etc, etc, whine, bitch, complain.
Managed to get crab guy installed upside-down. OK, at least that's an easy fix.
Managed to turn this:
Into this:
After trying every combination of every imaginable thing around me. 
And you thought 2 huge pictures was enough! Noooo, you're not getting through this bitchy post that easily!
And finally managed to do something pretty decent with this:
 Which previously was looking like a horrible flower.
The Explorer. Victorian Tribal Choker Rustic Gypsy Found Object Assemblage with Currency, Sterling Silver and Hardware. 
And I whipped these below up after a lightbulb moment with some bracelet links anvilartifacts sent me just for no reason at all. (Though maybe it's pity cuz I'm such a whiny whiner.)
What's that you say? Something's up with the ear wires? Well they look perfectly fine to me. Sooorry miss fancy-pants who uses only un-pixelated, reality-based ear wires!
And now I'm going to go visit my mom whose gotten me into the habit of going over there for dinner each and every evening like some little kid who can't feed herself.


Beatnheart said...

Is your mom a good cook? Your lucky.

Sparrow said...


Go ahead and bitch all you want! That's what blogs are for, and in reality (where those earwires don't live) when an artist gets moody and complains about their work, it means they're (being a real artist) reaching higher. Also sometimes it means there are no short-cuts to getting exactly what you want. And yeah, glass cleans easier. Hey I get to wave my anti-plastic flag! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE

Though I can't see anything wrong with the baby one. Isn't it supposed to be all grungy like that? (hint: the answer is of course! That's my style baby!)

Patty said...

Love the eyeball/artisan piece. And
dog hair is my signature effect.

Anonymous said...

I don't charge extra for dog hair, it's a bonus