Bloobidy Blop Blop

I've been having lighting issues. Well Chicago and the entire Midwest has been having lighting issues, I should say. 
 But I managed a couple pendants. I really tried to tone down that sharp yellow tone of indoor lighting, but oh well.
Another cosmic lady.

With lots of starry iridescent bits all about her.
So guess what? Yesterday I turned 38. I woke up this 'morning' at 3 o'clock with a hangover.
A sugar hangover. I'm not turning 21, sheesh.  I just got a lot of chocolate from mom and hubs.
 Yeah, I added verdigris to this and I don't think it was even worth the effort.
This one needed it more since the color of the gold leaf was just sitting there all lonely.
Here's a cuff I reworked from forever ago. I went in like a chump and erased all the background in this picture up here because it was all shadows. Oh the wasted hours of my life! (Sez the gal who woke up at 3. I wrote 'gal' instead of 'girl' because of how I just turned 38. But now I sound fucking western or something. And a 'woman' doesn't wake up at 3. She wears business suits with pencil skirts and sensible pumps.)
What else? Well, this, but I had trouble with the light agains.

Here's something but I'm having balance issues and need to re-work:
I thought I was making use of these amazing hands from my Uruhaul (thanks anvilartifacts for that one) only to realize they look insubstantial and chintzy with the over-sized beads.I'll figure something out.
I have more but see, I'm working on a top-secret project for a book I've been invited to be in... No, no. That sentence was just to boring to be allowed to continue. You'd much rather hear how I got the microglitters on the edge of this agate slice and that black tourmaline chunk below.
Well, it's a long and arduous process that first involves discovering a whole category of fun bits on etsy called "nail polish jewelry." 
Nail Polish Ring - Max Factor Fantasy Fire Nail Polish RingNail Polish Ring
Like this.                                                       This.                                                                           Or this.  
One thing I liked about the above is the listing mentioned the exact nail polish used. From which I learned about 'holographic' colors. Did an etsy search, ordered by price which led me to these awesome minis:
Midnights Rainbow Black Holographic Nail Polish - mini bottleShampayne Holographic Nail Polish - mini bottle From Enkelini
Now comes the really hard part. You have to unscrew the bottles (though not both at the same time!), take out the applicator top and shmear it all over da theeng. Try to keep up with me here. I'm saying you gotta do all this while making sure not to pass out from the smell you'd forgotten was neuron-endingly toxic. I mean, worse than uncapping two brand-new sharpies and sticking each high up into your nostrils then taping your mouth shut. Just saying.
Anyways, know when you're babbling and think you can salvage it into something funny but as you see the end looming you realize it's gonna fall flat? This is absolutely nothing like that.


Juliette Williams said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! My birthday was the 14th. Whoop it up, yeah!!

(felt like I got some of your sugar high)


Anvil Artifacts said...

Ok seriously, you've done it again! All your new goodies are great but I love love love the vessel pendant, the roman numeral bracelet and those hands!!! Wonderful! I think that bracelet would look fabulous with my business suit and pumps.

willowstudio said...

Anvil is right, the vessel pendant is quite wonderful.
(Ever notice that its the edgy things, the ones you can't decide if they are great or horrible, but nothing in between...those are the ones that carry a lot of juice.)

Happy B-Day Mz Fanci, and many more happy ones ahead!

stregata said...

Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday - and many happy returns! So - you have so many women as friends here and you really believe we are wearing business suits with pencil skirts???? Not even to get coals from down in the cellar would I dress like that...
Uruhaul - can't decide if it reminds me of U-Haul or Uruk-Hai...

quisnam said...

So young, only 38 .. I was flicking through a book called stitching on metal and she mentioned using embossing powder with nail polish. Gotta try that!!

Alice said...

Happy Birthday! Let me take all that sugary stuff off your hands because obviously you don't know your limits. No more hangovers for you!

Your stuff is gorgeous, as usual!

Gallery 13 - Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

Cosmic lady with all the starry iridescent bits is very starry and iridescent...and cool.

Who knew people made and sold their own concoction of polish. That's wonky.

Happy belated Birthday, you young thing, you!

Lucie said...

Happy belated birthday Marina! I don't like sugar hangover because I want to go on eating chocolate everyday...
I love the starry iridescent things

Sparrow said...

HAPPEE BURBDAE AGIN I know I already said it 3 times but I'm saying it here so people will be impressed at how much I care for you. Yes it's all about me.

Also. About 15 years ago I was standing in line at the supermarket and some lady is all 'omfg nice ring' and I was all 'cheers' and she was all 'where'd you get it' and i was all 'made it- the stone came out so i filled the hole with nail polish' and she was all MIND=BLOWN. Then there was the time I made my Harry Potter prefect badge for my cosplay outfit and I used blue nail polish because it replicates enamel. Yes I said Harry Potter cosplay.

Point is- nail polish is a handy cheater's tool.

betweenreader said...

Lordy lordy two years to forty. You are still a baby and look what you can do! Gads, not a time to I look up your works and come away gobsmacked. I adore all in this post and couldn't choose just one; they all make my liver quiver. Hint on nail polish: I hear if you put a smear of vaseline on the neck, just at the little swirlies, it will help it not to dry out so quickly and prevent the sticky stuck glued on top. Happy belated dear Fanci!

Beatnheart said...

Happy burff day wee one... Many many more

Flotsam Tide said...

Happy, happy birthday! I know I said it lots in our convos, but here I go again. Just got home and eep I think you gifted us with the presents, look at all these sparkly beautiful theengs! I heart every one. :) Thanks for the insider info on the nail polish I was going to order it for little one but don't want her passing out from the fumes LOL. xoxo!

Tami said...

Happy Birthday, Mariana!!!

13 said...

Many happy and late returns. Love that first pendant and the pin head strawberry necklace. I use nail polish for everything bar painting my nails.