These above I have to re-work the round charms.
 I've been having earring diarrhea.
 These feature bracelet links given to me by anvil... wait I already told you about that.
My doc-diggety is lowering my brainpill dosage so I'm groggy right now. But it's the pill that always makes me blurry-headed, so the hoped-for outcome is less of this. Anywuh ... if I sound like I'm drooling down my chin, it's cuz I am.   
These are mis-matched-er than my usual mis-matched pairs.
As you can see, I'm still workin' the cosmic shimmer.
 Here's whatever happened to that soldery pendant.
And there's this one.

OMG! Finally remembered to tell y'all. This thing?How to End an Era. Long Gypsy Tribal Container Necklace.
How to End an Era.
Was a container given to me by Beads on Pie who also gave me some gorgeous horse hair. Thank you girl!
And these are all listed.
Querent. Chunky cosmic rustic victorian tribal assemblage choker.Querent.We are the Miracle. Cosmic Rustic Victorian Necklace with Galaxy Nebula.We are the Miracle. Queen of Heaven. Cosmic Gold Leaf Rustic  Soldered Stone Raw Citrine Queen Coin Pendant. Queen of Heaven. Victoria. Cosmic Golden Tribal Rustic  Soldered Stone Agate Slice Art Nouveau Pendant.Victoria.   Black Ruthenia. Leather Cuff with Antique Embelishments. Black Ruthenia.Behind the Veil. Assemblage Pendant with Vial and Verdigris. Behind the Veil.
I'm thinking of mailing some of my higher-end non-selling-forever necklaces to be published, because basically this post by Anvil Artifacts made me feel like I was being left out of the party. Go check out how my ladies are taking over the world.
Hand of Protection. Metaphysical Tribal Assemblage Necklace.In Flames. Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Necklace with Gemstones.
And no, stregata, I know you guys aren't all decked out in suits and pumps. But you're all weirdos like me. And thank you for ruining Uruhaul for me. And what is Uruk-Hai?So quisnam, embossing powder with nailpolish? More invo please. Just sprinkling it in? Heat gun/no heat gun? And what does any of that have to do with metal stitching? And do you recommend the book?
Gallery 13, starry iridescent lady is very starry and iridescent? Reminds me of:
And yes, I was also surprised that there was handmade nail polish- but then there's all kinds of novel things that you suddenly stumble upon on the internet only to find there's whole factions, sub-factions, movements and countermovements in the world of said novel thing.(This?)
Sparrow, show me a cheater's tool and I'll show you me using it. That was poetic, hu?
betweenreader ain't you just Rhymy Mcrhymersons today! Thanks for the vaseline on the bottle threads tip- that sounds awesome.

Flotsam, I don't know that it really does end neurons, it only feels that way. And surely not all are as noxious as these. In fact, if you look up low-odor nailpolish you'll proly find entire worlds with factions, sub-factions, countermovements and yeah.

"We represent the faction of head-splodingly cute mismatch shmanimals."


Juliette Williams said...


How much can I laugh and then go 'oooo' at everything? Apparently a long time.

LOVE the freakiness and hope you've not drooled over everything and are getting some rest.

xoxo Juliette

quisnam said...

The book's called The Art of Stitching on Metal by Ann Parr - Whilst I'm not so much in to the stitching bit (basically using a sewing machine to embellish very thin metal) it's got lots of great info on coloring and using patinas on metal. She suggests using nail polish to color and then and sprinkling with embossing powder and heating.

betweenreader said...

Head splodgingly? Brain pills? Two very good verbal handles on what's plaguing me -- trying to fiddle the dosage down so I don't sleep half the day. Wombat! Adorable (as a wombat). I used to work for a lawyer who looked alot like that (not adorable). Querant wants to know: when you use the UTee do you use one of those dinky "art ovens"? Would a coffee cup hotplate do? Splodge, splodge .....

Kimberly said...

I think I'll name some beads "brain pills" next.
Yeah, that Anvil article made me feel like I missed a train or something. It's a nice nudge to challenge myself to published fame one of these days.
You pull off the sparkle and shimmer against the ravages of patina-ed time so well. Such a feast of everything I love in your posts. Makes my day seeing your blog pop up, yes it does.

PipnMolly said...

Love the hand necklace and the soldery pendant and the roo/wombat of course.
Wow,'my ladies'... flattering to be claimed I guess but a lady...
not even close.

alteredarcheology said...

Some people have IT and some people don't. You my dear have IT and then some. Those mismatched-er earrings are absolutely to die for. I don't have pierced ears so I would hang them mobile style in an open window and let the sun wash through that beautiful cosmic glass and the hanging bits tinkle softly in the breeze. Many congrats to the 'ladies' and to you proud momma Fanci, I'm honored to 'know' such inspirational women. And here's a fun fact for you: did you know that a wombats poop is square? Not sure about 'roo poo.

Flotsam Tide said...

Somehow diarrhea and your earrings do not go together for me. :) They are so beautiful! Loving the iridescent cosmic shine next to your dark matter metal pieces. These pieces look like they could have belonged to some bizarre ancient alien race. Really wonderful. Ugh that black hand piece just gets me every time, I like how it rests upon the feathers, so expressive. Thanks for inside info on the nail glam, the kid would love those colors, we have some not so extreme polishes but she loves the shiny.

Tribalis said...
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Tribalis said...
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