Aw shucks you guys! The things you say. I lurv y'all.
My Soul from Elsewhere. Lampwork Vial Bottle Talisman Choker.
My Soul from Elsewhere. 
How to End an Era. Long Gypsy Tribal Container Necklace.
How to End an Era.
How to End an Era. Long Gypsy Tribal Container Necklace.
By far my most memorable recent comment:
I’m afraid to say bad things on my blog ...Catholic nuns might be watching me from heaven and put me in Limbo for being a bad bad girl/ person.
So... flying nuns in the sky, reading your blogs for any inappropriateness?
And by bad, Beat, do you mean negative, bitchy? Or naughty? Like swearing? So fascinating! And when they do put you in limbo, does it look just like high school detention? I bet it does.Among Empty Eternities. Cosmic Victorian Tribal Choker with Geode Druzy, Gold Leaf.
Among Empty Eternities.
About your question- the rubber is a tube! The wire is threaded through it. Ehhh? Ehhhh?
Among Empty Eternities. Cosmic Victorian Tribal Choker with Geode Druzy, Gold Leaf.
Unfortunately, only now do I realize this would have benefited from some verdigris.
The Secret Earth. Found Object Assemblage Necklace with Gold Druzy.
The Secret Earth.
Same goes for this fellow.
The Secret Earth. Found Object Assemblage Necklace with Gold Druzy.
AND this one, Goddamnit! (Yeah, I said it. Come at me nuns!)Behind the Veil. Assemblage Pendant.
Behind the Veil.
I guess I'll just leave these up and if they don't sell I'll add some verdigris, re-take ALL the pictures, re-edit, re-list, re-gripe and moan.The Deepest Experience. Ammonites Fossil with Virgin Mary Medal.You might not even be able to wrap your feeble mind around this, but- the ammonite here kinda sparkles in the sunlight with the microscopinist of gleeters...             Event Horizon.                                                                                                                                                                                            FINALLY got this bitch done and up.Event Horizon. Dark Salvaged Tin, Leather, Bullion Assemblage Cuff.What else? I dunno but I miss you guys between posts. I need to just have y'all on a loop in my brain telling me I'm awesome. It's quite an ego inflater.Oh, p.s. I just indulged in some expensive beads:Lampwork Clio Round Beads Light Blue, Purple and  Pink (8)Jayzus, in real life they're AMAZING.Lampwork Beads (12)- Troll Style Collection.I'm freaking out just thinking of them. EEEEeeeeeeee!


stregata said...

You continue to amaze and astound me with your work. And I see just why you picked those lampwork beads - it's those nebulae again...

13 said...

Loving those pendants, especially the little salt pot chap. My dad was taught by nuns and he said they were scary!

Flotsam Tide said...

Loving all the subtle gold sparkle, druzy and dark grunge go so well together. "How to end an era" is just amazing.. very sensuous. Those lampwork beads are dreamy... everything on here just glows!

Beatnheart said...

My nuns were not from New Zealand...American nuns are much more scary... Mine were from back in the day with wooden rulers wacking yur knuckles...godamn that motherfucker hurt like a bitch.

ohh...do i dare push publish...i ass scared

Beatnheart said...

Limbo is like one step up from hell and lasts forever like a billion years and you never get out and people are wailing and screaming and even babies go there when they are not baptised. now does that sound like high school detention?

Juliette Williams said...

Holy Cow, I love 'Behind the Veil.' xoxo Juliette

alteredarcheology said...

Yeah, Behind the Veil, that's righteous. I've been collecting little pots and urns n such to make pretties with, awe geez, you beat me to it... That diuretic necklace, does it come with the water pills? I've been feeling so bloated. In all seriousness, it's freakin A-mazing and oh so useful on a Saturday night.

Kimberly said...

Yow, those are some great new necklaces verdigris or not.
Now I know what's missing from my work is fear of nuns, being raised all liberal Unitarian although I did get to see some funky chunky hammered copper enamel chokers on Nehru shirts at church back in the day. Must have defined my aesthetic somehow. I've been scouring Maine junk shops with my * WWFDD bracelet on.
(*what would fanciful devices do?) if you were perusing the clusters and stacks of junk here.
Miss you too, I can't upload pics with my ipad while I'm here so I'm feeing a bit cast off currently until I return home.

Alice said...

Everything is fabulous--I especially like The Bitch--I mean the Event Horizon.

I don't know what I like more; reading your snarky comments or looking at all the goodies.....

PipnMolly said...

Serious gawking at this awesome batch of goodies. Love everything. Your inventiveness and keen eye are always astounding.

Julie said...

Love the ammonite! You've definitely created a monster here! I can't go on vacation without looking in all the junk and antique stores and saying WWFDD (thanks Kimberly)!

Sarita said...

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Tami said...

I keep coming back to see your amazing creations (and you always make me laugh-thank you) :) :) How do you keep making such amazing pieces?!

Luthien said...

hahaha!! you know what ... if one day you tire of being a jewelry artist ... you can be a standup. comedian i mean. i was giggling thru your post!! i'll probably go to bed still giggling at some of the things you said :D xo

Tami said...

P.S. Love your kitty to bits!!!

beadybaby said...

Way belated happy birthday! I get to the coolest places from this blog...including this blog...

When I need inspiration, cheering up, strength, or whatever you want to call it, I come here first.