*a choir of angels sing*

I. Have. A. New. Camera.
Seriously, I'm having a heart attack over it because it's so amazing. Look at these pictures I took in natural light at 6pm when in Chicago it's already twilight and but yeah look.
 Took these late because I spent the day with the manual but when I actually turned the thing on and started fiddling, it was almost easy. And I'll never touch the settings again.
While I did need to brighten because, as I said, there's no light in this city, the detail is still crisp and resplendent. No need to sharpen! Leading to those bits of crunchy reflection I then have to blur out.

I took these too large and it took a while to download and edit because of all the info in large photos. Remember bitches, you only need small size photos for the internet. Large photo sizes are for, like, printing posters. And small ones makes everything you do with them much faster.
Now I for sure need to re-paint my awful mannequin though... You guys. I'm so happy and relieved. I didn't alter those colors either. Honestly I can't calm myself down! (I should mention its a Panasonic LX7 Lumix. I looked on line for 'best macro camera'. It was like $380.)
Also! I didn't make the focal people. I added the bottom danglies. But if you'd read the last post, you'd know this. The focal was made by the original necklace maker...
Oh, should I pick a giveaway winner? Hold on lemme do that. Ok, MARTINISFOR2, for the simple reason that I think you've entered in a bunch of my giveaways and never won a thing. So it's all you babee. I know you're supposed to do these things random, but I'm a rebel.
With a killer camera!!!!


martinisfor2 said...


I'm so excited to be wearing one of your fabulous creations! You know how we have you on a pedestal and worship the floor you create on.

Your new camera is amazing. The new photos are so crisp and clean.
You go girl...

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You,
from another rebel (why lead a boring life... right)???

Lela said...

Kudos! New cameras are always fun! The shots look great & the necklace is wrapped now...excellent idea.

Beatnheart said...

Ok... So now i need to rush out and buy me that killer camera tooo!!!!

Anonymous said...

The gold in the pendant looks brighter and the colors pop quite nicely when compared to the old camera photo of same necklace. Absolutely splendid! Congrats on the new camera—may you enjoy your new photo-taking power and all its coolness!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! The photos look great! Especially since I spent the last 3 hours editing my own poor-quality photos to try and make them look presentable. (I also took mine at 6PM, but it's a little brighter here at that time in the east.) Congratulations on the new camera.

sandi m said...

I know, I'm in Chi town, too. It was getting dark at 9pm, but know 7:30??!!
Love, love the new photos. The colors and crispness are awesome.
Ya know, I'd leave the body. I think the coloring looks great now as the backdrop.

Side note - was at the Rosemont Gem Show couple weeks ago and thought of you when I saw a TON of the spikey quartz stones. Some of the very best I've ever seen and dirt cheap.

Wildthorne said...

Hooray on the new camera! Your necklace looks beautiful!

Anvil Artifacts said...

Yay! Living in The Tupperware State won't pose a problem for you now. The new pictures are wonderful! Congrats on getting a new, fabulous camera. Ooohhh we'll be able to see the details of your work even better now, eh? Win-win!

Numinosity said...

I never really saw much wrong with your old photos other than then having an unearthly magnificent glow that had me scratching my head on how you achieved it. Of course I had no idea what you had to do to make them to what you considered presentable. This is a standout photo of a standout necklace so congratulations!

AndieB said...

It's wonderful to be here! I was kindly directed to your blog by Cynthia at Beatnheart , and I'm in heaven! Your jewelry is STUNNING! I'm new to jewelry-making and don't really know what my style is yet, but, between yours and Cynthia's jewelry, I believe I've found it! I know I'll learn a lot and can't wait!!
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Hi again,
I've always wanted to know how to get my wire to look very rounded and uneven, like you've done in your amazing necklace pendant (rather than just the regular wire look, which is flat and boring to me)...it looks like it's almost melting--I just love it! Can you share how it's done? I'm so happy I've joined your blog!

Tribalis said...

gorgeous necklace.. good to have time to visit you again.. Brazilian hot summery kisses! :O

CraftyHope said...

YUM! (that is all. . .)

Unknown said...

your fab art is so f_______ unreal! i have not checked u out in so long cause i have been lost in my own silly really nothing shit, oh well that is another story, but it is pretty cool to see your stuff like a year later, u have always been fab, but i can tell ya' you have continued to grow as an artist! yeah for u! i won't be gone so long as u are totally inspiring and i feel i need to grow like u, from u! aloha, angi in hana

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