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I am so sick of hating my photos that it finally dawned on my cheap ass how much I need to get a new camera. I had forgotten I was using one Mr. Devices got 6 years ago in Target for $100. Let's see what hateful photos I have for you today...
 My second and final set of these dancing nymphs. This time on archeological dig rings.
Dunno if the chains make them harder to see.
 A little pair of soldered Roman glass/garnet links.

Let's clear our palettes with a gif shall we?

                          Ok, now I'm ready for more images the quality of which fill me with bitterness and regret.

 This kinda goofy pair include hollow blown glass and a mis-matched set of pitchers. The fact that the beads are hollow keeps them light for their size.

Here's some kyanite and rhinestone.

And here's a cat with a bunny pillow.

The thing that thrills me about this pair is how the colors match up and play off each other so perfectly, as well as the shapes. It's very hard when you're doing asymmetry to get all that to work, to even find combining elements in your stash, much less combining shapes that reverse each other like this. I should say the sweet papered cab was a gift from Numinosity Beads, as well as the paddle pin.

Same thing for this one. I was AMAZED I was able to find all these colors to reflect each other. Basically, I started with the paddle pins that matched not at all and had no idea I'd be able to find items to bring them together. On top of which they were able to remain light weight and EQUAL in weight which is another next-to-impossible goal in asymmetry. But I wouldn't want one ear all weighed down more than the other. I think that'd drive me nuts.

And here's some doggies racing strollers with other dogs in them. Man, if I ever tried to get Bingo to do this he'd just look at me with so much disdain.

What else?
Another pair of these. I ran out of the rainbow titanium points of this size, so I'm trying some of the smokey quartz from Kathyhaul. However, I had to jazz up the color.

 Oh, here's a pair I just lost a while back among my listings. As I retook some pictures I realized I still really like these. What lady wants Lyndon B Johnson dangling off their lobes? I don't care, they're still adorable. In fact, this is another example of reverse color matching...  Or is it inverse? Cuz the pink face with the pink of the Czech bead and the green clover like the lampwork drop, you get it.

 Now look at this.

Two cutouts of my super thin tintype tin with leafing and on top some carved bone from Kathystash which I dakened a bunch. Simple and super lightweight.
Speaking of gold leaf, these.

And now cat cuddles mouse and vice versa.

Here, a gorgeous, mismatched pair of beatnheart pods are combined with some Kathyhaul octogonal/ flat/ pillow/ coin shaped beads. A little rosary center I clipped the top loops off of and a link from a Kathyhaul chain. Used some of those on the paddle pin ones above. Like em. 

A redo. Originally:
But not only were they hanging wonky, The one teardrop druzy was essential for a different pair of earrings. So now they look like...
And they dangle perfectly.

Dog is better at yoga. [video]"Here's how you do it."

A while ago I took these down because the fucked up face on the right was driving me nuts.  Over time though the paper underneath has slowly cured.
An actual face is emerging. It's still not perfect and making me a little batty though so I just wanna give these to someone. Anyone want them?
           If you do, let me know in comments. Just want them out of my hair.
 And finally, a patroness necklace with focal from the necklace I've been taking and soldering the Roman glass/garnet connectors from. *panting after that sentence*
 Finally a chance to use up all the gorgeous blue stones she sent.
 I added a dangle to the focal of Roman glass teardrop and polygon stone.
But in my desire to use up all these lovelies...
I made it ridiculously long. Sigh. And since I didn't add a clasp it can't be doubled. But it also can't be doubled because all the back links are crazy huge and ungainly. I have other blue bits, I'll just get back to it later....

  Das all.  De end.


artistic rejuvenations said...

lovely as all get out! i would so take those earrings off your hands. gee.

Boot ~C said...

you know I'd take them if they aren't spoken for!

Alice said...

Well your cheap ass camera certainly didn't detract from your fabulous creations! I love all of them but my favorite is the mismatched yellow and green pair.

Kelly Wichert said...

Oh my yes!

13 said...

I want those earrings, pretty please, with bells on and the entire kitchen sink if it would help.
I don't know who Johnson is but I'd put up with him just to get the shamrock in those cream earrings, they're adorable. The kyanite and rhinestone are gorgeous to.

JLou said...

Fanci- you should check out the Leica DLux. I have the DLux4, you could buy a newer model if you have the dough, but likely find one like mine very (?) reasonably. It's the best piece of equipment of any kind I've ever owned. I have other, 'professional' cameras, but my beloved Leica is my go-to gal.

NuminosityBeads said...

How cool that the lil Moroccan girl will get to go out strolling on someone's earlobes, not with LBJ however.
I always get so delighted when I see the way you use my parts and bits becoming your begets.
Thanks so much for your nice words on my recent blogpost about my dear ol' Dad too. It means a lot to me to get support from my fellow arty people.

Sparrow said...

Oh you think now you have a new camera you be all sexy like me huh? Shit...

Dat Roman focal--- the solder ring around dealy. how you DO that?! SHARE PLZ

That cat gif where it walks away and it gets all wobbly before it does, looks like a glitch in the matrix.

Lucie said...

Love the roman focal, I second Sparrow, how do you do it?
a pity the necklace is too long but doubled it would be awesome, can't you add a clasp somewhere?

Lela said...

The green pair rocks asymmetry. Well done.

The gifs are hilarious. Seriously, the dog putting it's leg behind it's head?!

martinisfor2 said...

I was online last night stalking blogs but missed your post. as usual, i'ma late outta the gate with the cool freebee earrings :(
they are wicked cool.

drooling over your dancing nymphs. they are bee-u-tea-ful. they are my favs of all the eye candy. I remember the lbj earrings which I thought were cool. I was born on his 48th birthday and my mom and JFK were born the same day 100 miles apart. how ironic. Marcia, lbj was one of the slimiest and corrupt presidents of our country.

and yes, please share your roman glass solder technique with us.

p.s. thank you for sharing the adorable kitties. lol

La Fileuse said...

The necklace is way too beautiful for this world. And you made a bunch of lovely earrings ! Of course, I would be pleased with the giveaway. Do you think my boss would take me more seriously with these little skulls heads ? ^^

Jiorji said...

those tiny pitchers broke my heart a little bit. i wonder what dark alleys of the internet you wonder through to find all the randomly awesome stuff you find heheh

that first pair of earrings with the angel thingys is my favorite

CraftyHope said...

As always, all your rustic, crusty pieces are lovely. However, that green and aqua pair of earrings are absolutely awesome. I love the brightness, but still eclectic-ness of them.

Michel Babun said...

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