Intermission~ Metronomes

They self-synchronize.
 Hint- this wouldn't happen on a hard surface. The flexible board transmits the vibe, dude.
Meanwhile, look what LucieTales sent me:
 From France cuz she's fancy like that.
 Having had a religious upbringing, she can't bring herself to use religious medals in her work. I so get that.
But since I didn't have religion, I can see them just aesthetically. And they're just too yummy not to use.
 Above and below are the exact same medals but flipped around.
 Some will be hard to pick which side to feature.
 I'm kinda obsessed with this tiny dark one.
 I never showed y'all this amazing piece Numinosity sent me for my 39th birthday.
On the nail head is the number 39. Is that amazing or what.
Look at this from her shop.

I just read this on tumblr:
eating clocks is really time consuming
And then I had to slap my own self for laughing.

And finally, I have this song running non-stop through my cranium. But it's fantastic and the lyrics make me shiver, so Imma share the earworm.


Beatnheart said...

Lovely lucie and beautiful medals ...
I think its better using medals then having them hang out u sed and inloved in a drawer..
Kimmo another generous soul..

Lucie said...

Exactly Cynthia! I know they are in good hands now!

Laura Flowers said...

*drooooooool* Aren't religious medals just the best! I try to hit Catholic church yard sales in the spring to find them, but I have a hard time finding good ones. Have fun with them!

martinisfor2 said...

lovely gifts to receive from two special friends. i'ma sure they'll find beautiful pieces to adorn.

hope you're feeling better and back in the coolness.

Juliette Williams said...

Really really love that song!

The medals from Lucie are beautiful. I've wanted to work with medals and admittedly *did* have a religious upbringing which has stopped me in the past, but they might come out to play now. And wow, what a gorgeous gift from Kim - she blows me away with her unique talent.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Lucie - how wonderful - all of the goodies and from France. I'm so non-global and would love to travel so seeing the goodies you sent Marina just tickles me. She'll put them to good use and everyone's right....a drawer is no place for such luscious goodness. Aren't the glass beads Numinosity makes cool...love them.

crankypants said...

If I die and come back as glass, I hope I end up in Numinosity's studio. It would mean I lived well in this life.

Also, you should see The Sound of Noise, this insane Swedish film that features heavily metronomes.

Fade and Remain said...

Oops, was signed in as the wrong ID and not sure if my comment went through.

I wanted to say: If I die and come back as glass, I hope I end up in Numinosity's studio. It would mean I lived well in this life.

Then I babbled about this insane Swedish film called Sound of Noise, which has a heavy dose of metronomes.

Ok, you can delete the other comment from me. I should be banned from computering.

Lela said...

Those metronomes are amazing. Seriously. So are Lucy & Kim. Good stuff.

Lela said...

Of course I meant *Lucie* duh.

Laura said...

Do you know that the very first time I checked out your blog was like 2 years ago, and I knew I loved you when I saw in your avatar and blog pictures from the SAME books I found at a thrift shop and tried to make collages with? I was like, WHATTTTTT? What are the chances?

I like that song!

NuminosityBeads said...

Boy, your new camera sure makes that nail look purdy.
I just found out another friend turns 39 next week, but he won't get a pink one!
Crankypants, you're funny!
I do come to your blog and read it and soak up your pics fully meaning to come back and comment. that doesn't seem to be working for me too well. The necklaces on your tute banner are incredible! see, I'm commenting on your next post now just to be safe.

Samia Ambaanae said...

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