Dear God Will Destash Ever End? [sold]

Well, I made another lot and sent it away to an etsybud, and it was worth it just to have it gone and out of my hair without even bothering with pictures. Here's another one, I call it "Dear God Will Destash Ever End?"
 This lightbulb already has a hole through it. There's also a bit of sewing ephemera.
 Old glass beads and this hot pink paint, a section of an old Mexican comic book and 5 microscope slides with one end frosted.
 These cool... aventurine? Beadable earring finding.
This antique silk ribbon that came with one of my Uruguay medals.
 Little things.
 Huge African glass.
 Ring finding you can glue, like, briolettes into.
 Giant rose crystals, very heavy. Tiny horse cookie cutter with soldered loop, New York medallion.
 Silver guilder's paste, this little bead doll. A pair of acorn caps that I think would make great bead caps with a bit of drilling.
 Aaaall these bits include hemp rope cord, white banana fibers, lace and wool scraps, gold and pink trim, dyed embroidered scraps.
 Cross and antique stamps with findings and things in a huge resin mold.
Bronze fixture from Uruguay, very primitive.

Me realizing how much more I have left to go :
 What's this? more scraps, bit of ivory fan.
This glass frame thing that I broke the top loop off of.
 Red glass evil eye cab, big orange glass eye, aluminum dog tag (good for hammering), black circle blank, iridescent beads, frosted orange beads.
 Red velvet, red Czech beads, kuchi coin charm and a big amenomite. amnite. amoniac. amniotic. twirly fossil.
 This lidless tin can, not the bronze thing lower right though.
 Resin cab mold and a think of patina-color guilder's paste. If I can fit it.
 Another one of this huuuuuuuuge things with a mirror on the other side.
 A cut up glove.
Rhinestones, yellow glass hoop.
Cute 4x4 cigar box top and some other junk.

The lot is $45 plus $5 shipping, if you're intersted, convo me and I'll set up a listing. I'm bored with destash, lets look at cute animals now.

I put a ton of stuff up in the shop, and I also lopped $10 off almost all the earrings. So yeah. And I sent stuff off to be photoed not by me. Yay!


Jiorji said...


i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see your stuff being photographed by someone else! i wonder how she's gonna set it up

Norma Conway said...

You make my day is all I can say. Norma, x

Jayne Capps said...

HA, I did the same thing to my mom's dog w/ a piece of grilled cheese sandwich when she was sleeping!