The continuing adventures of destash-o-rama. [sold]

You know you want it...
I'm calling this next one Spring Lilacs because there's green and violet and pinks and shut up I can call it whatever I want. 
That green thing has no connections or holes. The faux druzies can be cut out of those crappy settings w/wire clips.
 That is this amazing compass I never could figure out what to do things. If you make cute things with owls, that would be just the thing. Bronze turnkey from Uruguay looks like a mermaid tail. Two tin strips with emblozzling on one side adn leaf on other. Janus coin. Beach stone.

 Fishing spoon, rock, kuchi with lots of color, aluminum cross.
Felt w/glued on cabs-why? Pin from uruguay w/missing stones. That long stick thing has a pierce near one end and 2 swiveling hinged things at the other.

Soldered domino, ear wires one is on bone commector. game piece. giant bone connector w/a zillion holes.

Bag o' stuff.

 kuchi, pink evil eve beads on knotted cord.

 Very nice brooch from Katyhaul w/heart and crown. Pink thing from uruguay with face, some resin, cloudy silver mirror on back. This is a cool necklace focal with apatite epoxy resined on it. Really just needs chain.

This stuff.

All that.



Can you tell this stands like an easel? Can put a little metal rectangle in there for display.

I think this would be a cool bracelet connector.
 Behind it is an S stencil with corner holes punched that would also make a cool bracelet. 2 cool green plastic stars and a star cookie cutter. Trust me, they're there.
Bit of paper of banner reads "The Third Fable", in thick layer of resin. Might just be trash.

This cool hunk of beach pottery. Tiny chicken cookie cutter wih soldering.

Porcupine quills and thick necklace chain. A good textile cuff base/starter. This old faded back of quilt fabric.

Opalescent glass with fitting wrap. What seems to be a cut-out masonite... spider... wand? Couple charms.

Rings and findings.

Kuchi coin ring with loops for dangle beads.

You'll have to work out the kinks.

This gargantuine compact half. Sort of chipboard. Can you see there's a cool turtle brooch and nails and an acrylic opalescent flashy cab there too? There is.

Other side.
So this one has lots of cool shit. 50. Plus shipping would be 55.

Have I mentioned how much I adore all your comments? How much they just warm my cold dead heart? I have to say for those who say my pix look great- that's only after struggling in Photoshop for ages. And the more I up the brightness, the more details just fade away. And the colder and deader my aforementioned heart becomes.

The next lot is called Play Time. It's all red and yellow.
In this artfully blurred image, you can see an old tin whistle from Uruguay, a buddhist amulet, a bakelite game piece with acorn stamping set over it, a soldered bird under glass, and a bright future for my studio.

Janus coin, india coin, charm keeper, vintage plastic and celluloid things. 

Ammenommites. Anemonies. Amnom-nom-nom.


Here's a vintage Uruguay spoon. Yeah, those crazy foreigners use spoons too! There's a glop of resin in it and some random gilding residue. CAn be removed. This hammers nicely into bracelet connector-hood.

If you turn this dog license around, you can hammer it. Hammering aluminum is fun and easy. Also, wheelbarrow. 

Tin car toy. Not small.

Red stone brooch in fine setting.

These cool big nuggets. A section of a very old spinning top toy from U.


An adorable mug stein thing miniature thing. A big ol' beveled glass triangle for you mystical hipsters.

But wait there's more! A burnishing tool.

A top from an old tin that is oval and could make a cool bezel.


A tiny adorable tin with sliding top full of... something useful for boys or something.

A big ass clear cab with white fish and pink flower. Yup, one of these babies in either lot. I dunno, I just have these things.

Honest to goodness vintage sexy leg switchblade pocketknife.  sorta pink and blue.

This thing like in the last lot but with some slightly scratched up leafing on reverse.

Piece o' fabric w embellishments.

Big raku skull and antique faucet handle with metallic yellow gilding that I fervently recommend you remove. 

Scrap of Hmong embroidery and a bit o' fusible film, heat-reactive.  
Click pix for bigs. Except for first two pix on this post, the first two NEVER want to be clickable. What is that? Ok, for this cool-shit packed lot you gonna pay... 40 so plus ship will be 45. Convo me via etsy with your inquiries. 
My mom just texted my husband saying "When says lunch is not for dinner." Because that's the kind of stimulating discourse we engage in around here. 


Sharon Driscoll said...

I want the second set of Goodies - that pink knife is so tripping my trigger. Let me know if I get it and I'll payPal you the moola.

Emmanuelle Roué said...

Hey! Emmanuelle here, would you ship this stuff to France? You'd make my day for a month at least :)

gretchen said...

just wanted to let you know the box 'o goodies arrived yesterday and I'm more than thrilled with all the odds. I swear I could smell dog when I was going through it, then remembered your dog hair warning... my cat was quite I disappointed there was no new friend to play with. ;)
thanks, again ~