Interlude: this bun's for you

Same dark, drizzly days in the US midwest. Waiting for my ring light to arrive, thanks shipwreck for the advice on that.
 Sale's still on. I just wanna get rid of shit. Also, prepping some destash piles, heads up.


Anonymous said...

Love a bit of detash, although I should be detashing myself. But here's the thing my daughter told me she was making some cushions for a friend and in the same breath said I was a hoarder. I then produced the perfect cushion fabric out of my "hoard!" I will hence forth refer to myself as a curator of stuff that might be needed in a future life.

Unknown said...

Definitely need to destash here also but love new parts to play with. Great batch of earrings you did. A friend brought me some religious charms from Italy to play with (just three - but I'm not complaining).

"Curator of Makings" here too!

richelle said...

Can't wait to see your ring light photos and find out if another kind is as magical. Digging those earrings with the big cream cabs on the far right.