White Girls Be Trippin' [sold]

OMG, I am starting to breathe again. And I'm cleaning!!!

This next lot is all delicate and lovely and it's called White Girls Be Trippin' cuz it's all about white. Also because I think I'm funny.
16" choker natural leather, magnetic clasp.
This handpainted little lady has 2 little loops up top you cant see.

 Some really choice bits from Kathyhaul that I'm too overwhelmed to think about.

This thing is substantial.
Lace scraps and such.

 Sewing ephemera.
 Aluminum ashtray. I made it's twin into semi-circle earrings. Cuz you know- aluminum=weightless.
 That's a transparency.
 You may be able to see a cab with JFK on it.
 I may have gone overboard with this lot.
 I might not be able to fit everything in.

 This is a cool resin swallow.

 Garden shears with recesses for stones.

 Three violet faux druzy cabs.

Kuchi. Porcelain thimble/cup with soldered loop on it.

 Rectangle of old worn quilt, perfect for the base of a textile cuff.
 Flower trim.

 Real vintage bandage roll.

 Coins, ceramics, Beatriz connector.
 That L is a hatpin clutch. There's also a teeny whisk.
A piece of scrap pewter. 

Vintage bingo balls, one has a screw eye in it. Also key and mini wrench thing.


 Some of these things are super pretty! And I promise to try and keep as much dog hair out as possible!
Rub-n-Buff in white and Patina.
Yeah, any stash from me will contain some amount of dog hair.

 Cow bone carved keychain of my hometown. Thing is, I got it to make a cuff because it's curved perfectly for it. But then I never did.
I think that's real silver on this hot mess.

Accordion fold locket, 4 oversized antique African glass beads.

Sequins in clear/white.

Mop frame, shells, mop shanks, old broken clip on earrings.

Shell pendant.


Buttons, rings.

House tea strainer.
I'll try with all my might to cram all this into the box. Only cheapo stuff will be sacrificed. If there's room, I'll stuff more in. I've been able to stuff extra in all the boxes so far. Pretty good things too. Again, sorry about any dog hair. Imna have to go 50, plus ship will be 55. 
Now I take nap-


gretchen said...

i drooled all over this one, too ... just wrote you, hoping everyone else forgot to check today!

Jiorji said...

THAT PAW!!! who made it?!?! where does it come from?!?! IT"S A PAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love :D

NuminosityBeads said...

Hey there, I'm reentering the blog world again like Sandra Bullock in "Gravity" ... a burning capsule breaking through in to the atmosphere and thought I ought to pop in and visit one of my fanciest and favist bloggers. Your destash certainly raises the bar on all destahes. Does it even make a dent in your "collecties" ( as opposed to makies) I hope some stash barren person receives this motherlode and has a blast. I'm just reentering the makie world again and feeling a little impatient or something, must be the altitude here but hopefully can get back into the zone. meanwhile , catching up with my blog friends. xoxo