First Blerg from the 'Pad.

So I'm trying to see if I can blog from my dumb ol' iPad.
But to do so I have to take my pix with it.
Here's some of these caged things everyone's so crazy about.
These don't eve use the solder glob pins:
Does it make any difference even? Cuz they're much easier this way.
These aren't even done. 
Here's two pairs all tangled up together. Are you wondering why all the filter effects n shit? Cuz it's the only way to get these photos to look decent. And I can't blurry out all the lint and shmutz like on the regular 'puter... But if I use the regular 'puter I have to unplug the wifi and juggle routers or some shit.
But I got so much shit to photo and list! Ggggllluuuuuhhh... Maybe I'll just curl up over a few doctor who episodes instead. 
All this polymer shit proly not even worth listing. Yeah they're like lollipop head pins. This pic was not that blurry when i took it I swear. 
But seriously look at all this mess. 
Where do I even start?  
Anyone wanna come to Chicago and clean my shit up? Like, I'll give you a bunch of goodies... No?
Then how about some pix of my dad in his undershirt walking a cat?
Blanquito loves going for walks, he wants to investigate everything.
Someone asked in comments where I got all my images for resin- dude, the Uru-haul I just shared nary 6 posts ago? So yeah if I do tute them I'll have to give peeps some idea for where such images can be gotten without having to travel to another continent. Also a couple of awesome commenters shared their awesome blogs with me but I haven't added them to my sidebar cuz like I said, I've been glued to the 'Pad and the blogger app leaves a lot to be desired. Plus I'm lazy and I should be cleaning or something. 
But also guys it's my mommy's birthday today!
Here she is celebrating with some mealworms. ¡Feliz CumpleaƱos Mama!


Miss R said...

OOHOOH!! *frantically waving from the back row* I love organizing other people's stuff! Especially if I get to put it into boxes and draw a schematic of its new location. Ask my coworkers. I can provide references.

Who is your favorite? I am in love with Alex's eyebrows. But Red is my gal.

That is some serious catwork. I lol-ed, thank goodness I wasn't drinking when I saw that photo. You need to give us warning!

(ps: I can never seem to leave a comment, so if this is 3x, apologies!)

(pps: those soldered thingies in the top left of the photo that look sort of cosmic and sparkly? gorgeous.)

Anonymous said...

Love those earrings but not so keen on filter effects on photos...just good old natural light is a winner. Now you've got an ipad have you tried instagram? Cat walking that's so cute, but if I tried it with my cat it would be cat dragging!

Unknown said...

The cat photo is just too cute. If your Dad will walk the cat then he is a Man's man. He's right up there with some big time rockers and stars! Go Pop.

Love the work - crap on the Pad.

Add me to blog list - or have I already asked. First thing to go is the hips - followed by the memory - thank the heavens the creativity is still in tack.

Love you girl!

Lela said...

I haven't even attempted blogging from my ipad for just those reasons....I'm so used to tweaking photos with pshop on the laptop. And that text was blue because somehow it was a link - but then you knew that. ;)

My work table gets messy too, but nothing like that! And yet somehow you make magic with it that way.

betweenreader said...

Good luck with the app. My friend Nikki has problems uploading pix from her iPad to Etsy. They come out upside down. A well, first corollary to Murphy's Law: all solutions breed new problems. Luvs da new stuffs!

Lela said...

PS: ~ Happy BDay ~ to Mom!

Unknown said...

You think your desk is messy? You haven't seen mine.. I'll have to take pics. Let's make it a contest, who has the messiest table. ah ah :)

Love the lollipop polybabies!!! want more pix. Do list them pls. happy B-day to your mom :)

Unknown said...

Lady, this is all awesome! I actually kinda love the photo effects...they have that cool voodoo vibe to them (ok I am on S3 for American Horror Story and there is voodoo, so I might be partial to it...)

Careful what you ask! I'm actually able to fly up there any time, visit, organize and be paid in awesome stuff ;-)

Love the caged earrings as always, I'm inspired to find alternative structures and make some myself in my own fashion...as long as that's not a prob!

Buon Compleanno Mamma! ;-)