happy ears

Thank you all for all your lovely comments! I'm all giddy.

So I liked the thought of all y'all listening to super happy sounds today and this is a superhappy sound to me. I found it on soundcloud- which is something I just discovered. Free music! (Most of what I like I know y'all would hate- like dubstep and such. It's for the part of me that subconsciously thinks I'm a badass boy. Who likes to play with pretty pretty beads... )
There's a greybird button that I put a touch of glimmer on à la Anvil tute, something found in Uruguay that sez Hamburg on it, Roman glass...      
             Isn't this music is much too heavenly to ruin with a bunch of chatter about whatever it is I chatter about here? Or is it I don't have much to say about the above pair?
Robyn bells, smokey points (thank you Kathy!) vintage and found metal, linenwirebead wrapping.
That damned soundcloud (now playing some sick beats at my end) is waaaay slowing my computer. But making me feel like microscopic energy insects are crawling through my veins pooping happy juice. (Doesn't everyone think of vein insects when they hear great music?)
Used a bakelite game chip of Kathy's behind the heart. Also that bracelet from her. Filled missing spots with microbeads and globs of paint and alcohol inks...
That's her buckle thing, smaller faceteds too. I'll shut up. ScorchedEarth dagger... I'll shush. 
 Finally finished this bugger! I also I done been needing to re-paint Perky McPerkinsons here but because all I had on hand was some modeling paste medium from my Art days, she ended up looking like a frosting stucco horror, so I'm still needing to blurr it all up, just in a different way. Time to break out the sandpaper. Cuz nothing's funner than making more work for yourself.

Finishing up some stuff for sub-patroness who sent me a buncha stuff of hers a while ago you might remember. Really, all bits and bobs she sent. Just re-shaped some and decided to use as much of them as possible.
Silly, but also good in a random way.

What was left I made a double-wrap bracelet and earrings.
I have one more pair of earrings and one necklace to make for a couple others and then no more custom for a while. Phew.
Shoutout to new buyers who send me 10 convos per day asking all kinds of questions. And y'all know how questions make me feel important. Like my own personal ego fluffers. And boy is my ego fluffy. Er, but it could always be more so, hint hint. (Wait. That was a hint for questions, not ego fluffing.)


martinisfor2 said...

beautifully done as always. so hard to choose favs sometimes.

Congrats on your celebrity breakthrough into mixed media stardom!<--- had to ---> ! I'm am so proud when I see someone I admire published. can't wait to get my copy.

Juliette Williams said...

I love SoundCloud too! Here's my link - https://soundcloud.com/juliette-williams

I listen to stuff like mixes from DJ AM, and Henry Pope. Good to listen to while on a jewelry making high.

LOVE that necklace with the bones!!! Which reminds me, I owe you a package of bones. xo Juliette

Sharon Driscoll said...

The necklace with the bones has SO much going on in the best of ways! You've got these spikes that say, "Don't touch me - watch out" and then above that the hands and plates that say loyalty and so on. WOW - it speaks volumes in so many ways...I bow to the master!

Louise said...

the miniature clog! oh my! :o

Beatnheart said...

questions? that "paper" or whatever it is behind earrings with lion ...yellow paper..how'd ya do that ...what is it.

Fade and Remain said...

I hope someone drinks champagne out of that tiny shoe!

And dubstep is just industrial music for happy people, its ok.

cjasin said...

Say can you help me find where to purchase the bangle bracelet forms again? I cant remember, and want to make more.
Thanks girl!

angi eharis said...

I wanted to ask a question about your ms. Perky model, when u made her awesome body or 1/2 body, did u start with a wire cage as the form, i have been wanting one of these for years but first they r hard to find and then they can be expensive, i just realized u made yours, of course, when u mentioned she needed a paint job, i am so excited, i think i can do this! Tx for the help and inspiration, aloha, angi in hana