So if you ever make a blog post in which you mention there's a subconscious part of you that thinks it's a badass boy, you too might experience the pleasure of a concerned call from your mom asking if you want a sex-change now. Yeah, Mom, someone's gonna have to tell Mr. Devices. Then again, she is a doctor, maybe she was offering to do the operation?

 Like I said last post, I'm just doing a mess of over-the-tops. I just have too much goodies to restrain myself.
 Actually, my eyes kind of hurt from the brightness, I'll have to make something dark and grungy next time.
"Do you ever throw anything away, supplies wise? Do you have stuff you just think 'this ain't gonna work on NUTHIN' and throw it at the bin?" Sparrow
Iz you kidding? I'm constantly tossing shit. Well, usually I just destash it on someone else, if it's something I know another person might use. What do you think all those Kathystash giveaway boxes were? And while I was at it, I stuffed a bunch of my own destash in there. Though there are things I've gotten where I'm like, passing this along would be like mailing someone my trash. Selecting what NOT to use is as important as selecting what to use. 
"Do you oxidize your chain, headpins, and other metals before or after you have assembled the piece you are working on? and what product do you suggest using? or could this possibly be your own home brew concoction? keep on creating...i tell my customers crazy can be marketable! many thanks," bobbi reinert
After is best because when you bend and manipulate stuff, the ox comes off. I use Jax Pewter Black. You can learn all about it in my tutorial "A Practical Guide to Oxidizing," which you've now won. Send me an etsy convo.
"You are a cutie-pa-tooty - who knew!" Sharon Driscoll
Aw, shit, girl, I knew. I kid, I kid.

 My dad said something about Americans like that potato shnoz because its something Latinos have that Americans don't. ???????? Yeah, who doesn't want a bigger, rounder nose? And since when do Hispanics have potato shnoz? But he was all, "Yeah we do. Like Mayans have eagle noses, like eagle beaks." Sure, cuz I'm ever so related to Mayans. Look at that Mayan-ness mayonnaise.

Sometimes I don't think he hears himself talking. Sorry, had to rant.
"I notice lots of lovely chipped, distressed, distorted, maimed and altered beads and was wondering if you bought them like that or have you used brute force, ignorance and the inappropriate use of tools and other items to achieve the effect." Vintajia Adornments
I think it's just that my beads are old and stuff. Unless you show me one in particular. I have broken beads, but that's not my aim. I have painted and oxidized them, sure. Not much purposeful chipping. Convo me for tute/giftcertif.
 Like see that blue beaded bead above? It originally looked super cheap. I swished a dry brush around my black guilder's paste and just went at that bead. I'm not sure how or why but that darkening really helped it tons.
See this cuff? Can you even tell it's a little asian house under a tree? It has interference acrylic paint in violet and green over it. Lots of the plainer beads of carved wood or ceramic that were in Katyhaul, I've painted with these. Cuz I didn't think my necklaces had enough going on! But yeah, all the pieces from today's batch have something painted with this, except the earrings. 

Did you know the US leads the world in Nobel Laureates and getting killed by lawn mowers? My little Uruguay leads the world in eating beef. This map has been appearing all over the web and it's fascinating, go look at the original for close ups.
What Each Country Leads The World InAngola leads at speaking Umbundu. And even with that as a thing, nothing for poor Paraguay?

Das all.


Jiorji said...

BAHHAHAHAH that cat!! :D

fat plumpness!! :D

13 said...

I live in a country full of mini Hitlers! It's true you can't do anything in the UK unless you've filled out several 30 page, triple copied forms and I don't even have the right to decide what happens to my dead body. I have to opt out, via the aforementioned forms if I don't want my remains dissected! That's the truth.

Lela said...

those eye earrings rock! Seriously gorgeous pieces of art....

Anonymous said...

Hello there!

I recently bought an awesome necklace from you, and just found your bloggie!

I wondered if you would consider posting some pics of your own favourite jewellery? Your favourite necklace and whatnot?

I would love to see what kind of jewellery you like to wear yourself.

Beatnheart said...

must say that I am just bursting with pride as I see some of my polypods featured in your pieces ....an honor and a pleasure...It is amazing what you are able to do with stufff...
I feel sorry for that fat cat cause his overweightness is obviously affecting him...hope his parents put him on a little diet...he is beautiful and ove his little spot...
big love from me to you...bh

angi eharis said...

Have u gone crazy! These pieces are totally out of this world like i cannot believe how cool they are, u meed to do a design tut! Tx for sharing and inspiring! Aloha, angi in hana

martinisfor2 said...

Your necklaces are gorgeous. You never cease to amaze me with how you dismember things and throw the most unlikely objects and jewels together and make them look like they should be in a museum. I bow before you my friend.