Don't be jelli.

Lets try this again with some of my own actual pictures, shall we? 
I liked this below because it's like the street art version of my travel journal- there's old bus tickets painted there and random 80s looking graffiti over that...
There was actually a two lane street between me and the wall I was so enthusiastically indicating. I'm sitting on an over-hang sorta thing.
Enough about that. I know what you guys really want to see.
The street market and the theeengs.
 You theeeng sluts.
 You jelli? Surely not of my oversupply panic though.
I was better about not getting every damn thing though. Like this thing! Drafting tools, yo.
Here I was so focused, I didn't notice there was some kind of mushroom growing on my head? Thanks for not fixing that before snapping the pic, Mr. so-called Devices.

I got so much stuff from the above lady that she gifted me with this bizarre artifact:

With these insane buttons: 

 So looking at the back-
 We see each button is held in place with a rusty nail-
 Which I may or may not have used my teeth to remove-
 Allowing each button to pop out with some effort-
 Revealing our treasure-
Unfolding the velvet from all the paper board it was glued to and giving it a thorough wash I ended up with this insanely bright scrap-
And this which I'm already planing on cutting into jewelable bits-
And even this leettle guy-
So that's the story of one theeng. There's so many more. Haven't even begun the haul-photoing process.
As much as I love this little dolly, it profoundly creeped out my girl-cousins. There were stones to be had by the bucketful.
Nib holder, nail care kit.
Stars of David with tiny detailing.
The amount and level of medals I got this time is insane.
These for cuffs. Thinking on what to do w/all the holes though. No unused holes in my creations, goes against my aesthetic morals.
Relig, athletic and scholarship medals, gorgeous enamel plaques and leather buttons!
Teeny pin.
Check this out. It's a broke-ass box. The lid sez Roma, maybe for a pendant?
The bottom is missing.
I'll chop it up and use it for sumpin'. Doncha fret.
Got lots of medals with cool backs too.
Now here's some horses I met. 
And potato dog bravely guarding his shop. (Yes, that's his potato and his old carrot. And his bespoke jacket the lady down the street made for him.)
 Remember potato dog? (He's here, but you gotta scroll way down.)


Vintajia Adornments said...

So far a wonderous treasure trove specially the buttons. More please :)

Jiorji said...

woah! that market is so cool! i'd be running around like a mad person getting all giddy :D

why are you so bundled up?! i thought this was a warm country?!

also your haircut is so kickass :D

betweenreader said...

Oh gosh I am soooooo jelli! The best theengs ever (so far). And, yes, those buttons are to die for.
And, yes, your hair is kickass.

Wendy B. said...

So i have missed you soooo much, that i have read and re-read your vacay mode blog post a buncha times. I love all of your scores and in particular, that little "HG" pin. It has my daughters initials on it...and i would so love to see what you do with it. She might need whatever fanci device you come up with using that!
Can you hear me whining all the way from here?

So glad you are back from your adventure. Really, i am!

Marcie Abney Carroll said...

drinkin' maaateee! heart that stuff.

Unknown said...

"Potato Dog" the new superhero! LOVES HIM!
Now I really need to do a quick stop in your country...I think I'd go nuts though...better save some mula, and I thought about going to French fleas...they got nothin' on Uru!

The holey cuff thingys...how about soldering some bezels with stones in them?...that's what I would do (then again, I dunno if those are brass or iron...it depends) Just a thought...

CraftyHope said...

OH MAH GAWD! The Theeengs are killing me. SO MUCH AWESOME. . .I can't stand it. How do you not hyperventilate when you find all of those goodies? I would just fall down, roll on those blankets, and scream "MINE, it's ALL MINE!!!"
Please tell me you did that and Mr Devices just didn't get the photos because he was quickly walking away in embarrassment like my husband would.
In any case, I cannot wait to see what you make with all of the amazing theengs you found. (Oh, and I'm so jealous of your theeengs btw.)