and now for something completely different

Skinny jeans.
I've been fighting this trend tooth and nail.  My husband is the manager of Levis in Bucktown and I never get stuff at his shop, even with the discount.  Target is next door to me and I'm cheap and lazy.  Plus since the only folks that ever see me are my (economically challenged) students at work, I'm not trying to look hot or  hip for nobody.
So, my sister was visiting and hubs suggested stopping by his shop.  By sheer coincidence, everyone was telling me my legs looked like toothpicks in tube socks in the jeans I was wearing.  They had previously been snug, but I guess a bunch of weight crept off me while I was busy making kookie jewelry.  And all my pants are worn and stained w/various crafting supplies (my favorite- the gel medium drips that invariably look like dried jizz).
OK, I needed jeans.  But the ones I try on always gap at the waist, camel toe or just generally look crappy.  I hate trying on clothes, so I always get tops b/c I can tell by looking if they'll fit.  My pants are always a mess.  Eventually, they got me to try these on:

(Please excuse the mirror shmutz.)
They fit like a glove but made me walk like a penguin they were so stiff. I guess I didn't believe my husband and everyone else there who said they'd stretch.  I was wrong.  I wore them yesterday and by night time I wanted to sleep in them, shower in them, get buried in them.  They feel amazing.
However, I really hate perpetuating the skinny thing. And at work, my students are all Mexican and a lot of them are chubby... and they invariably look up to me, poor deluded souls.  Plus, they worry about me.  I'd hate to think that they think that I think it looks good to be this skinny.  And that I'm wearing it all proudly.  Plus I have to keep explaining that I'm trying to gain weight and I only lost it because my hypothyroidism medication kills my appetite.  Blah, blah, etc.
And when I put my legs together there's a gap between my thighs you could drive a truck through.
I'll tell you though, before I got diagnosed I was in the official overweight category for the first time in my generally small-girl life.  And I didn't care much then either.  I mean, I cared that I slept 20 hrs in a row on weekends, and that my clothes didn't fit.  I would've preferred to be thinner.  But it wasn't in my head unless I was staring at a full-length mirror.  Which I don't ever do.
Your point is what now?  That you're oh-so body image enlightened,  femenistically moral and superior in every way? 
Yeah, I'll shut up now.  Too much caffeine...


Jo Archer said...

Don't knock the skinny jeans! Jeans+converse+ t-shirt=very cool, and yours look great. However, I have just re-discovered the delights of.....the dungarees! I'm going through a bit of "Grapes of Wrath" phase at the moment, but they are just so comfortable, regardless of how fat or skinny you are. Sharecropper chic!

Lorelei said...

i think you should rock it. if for no other reason than that they are comforable!!! No one cares if you wear skinny jeans or fat jeans or in between jeans.

fanciful devices said...

ok, jo- what the flip are dungarees? i thought that was just an old fashion word for pants.

Jo Archer said...

Ooh you don't know what you're missing,


Lots of places to keep stuff in too!