They're photographed and in the shop.  PHEW!
On the necklace above, (which I've been showing y'all for, like, the last 5 posts) I'm particularly taken by the little coil of fabric electrical cord around the hook.  You know, the old fashioned woven kind? That hook is from a set of curtain rings I believe.
I'm psyched about how good this one looks worn.  Even if by a hunk of molded plastic!

Here's my little purse.  As usual, I'm all wishy-washy and triple-guessing myself over which picture should go first.  I obsess way too much when it comes to this stuff.  Everything else in life I'm a complete shmo.  I think I may have made that up.  Shmo?
Why does the cursor in blogger dissapear  on me?  And why If I start typing text directly after putting in a picture does all the text come out hyperlinked?

I had to relist this glove b/c the buyer thought it was a pair. She wanted them for her wedding.  I was going to get a pair ready for her, but the wedding's at the end of this month and I'm way stressed as is.

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