Ephemera from my haul.

I never took pictures of the amazing paper items I brought back from Uruguay.  Since I was too lazy to set up pictures (PMS, ya know), I took the dreaded scan (creepy music plays).These amazingly bright little cards, about the size of playing cards, maybe smaller, came in a lovely embossed folder envelope
I tried to get them all, there are hundreds, it seems.  They're French, the envelope is embossed, the print is crazy vivid.  I have another pack, more postcard-sized.
I also have a big ledger book, mostly blank:

The little book there has a snap closure, deckled edges and the sweetest yellowed pages. On the 1st 3 pages is a long dedication to my grandma from a class of students thanking her for teaching them so much.

 On the one hand I shouldn't sell it. On the other, it'll just be more junk if I don't.  And she didn't want it.  Or know she had it.
Anywhoo, there along with the first page is a few of a massive piles of vintage bills given to me by my father-in-laws mentor/longtime boss/second father.  They are bills from Japan from WWII.  He got them off Japanese soldiers he killed while fighting in the pacific.  I know!  The really crazy beautiful ones, I'm keeping.  The ones pictured here are some that have many, many multiples.  I know I've seen these on ebay, but I don't want to bother w/ebay.  On etsy?  they're not exactly craft supplies.  I mean, I'd like to make collage kits w/pages from the ledger book, old prayer cards and some other decorative paper I've piled up, bits of dresden and antique labels, ribbons, velvet flowers and decorative pins...  Because I have a lot of neat stuff that's too nice to use as wrapping embellishment.  (I use my extras to wrap.  Buyers always mention it in their feedback.  Sometimes more than the jewelry itself. :/)

 But grandma's teacher gift and the cards are way too nice to take apart and use in crafts.  The cards could be a real treasure to someone who loves history, beautiful little things and is, maybe, religious.  But could I sell it in my shop?  Would it be worth starting and maintaining a new shop for supplies?  Would I be able to get a good price on etsy, considering what an amazing thing it is?  And the bills, too. Not too many currency collectors on etsy.  Maybe if I sold a bill at a time, like on ebay, it would be worth a second shop.

Here's a lovely accordion picture book about Genova. 

I have several of these special things I'd like to sell.  Many jewelry makers on etsy have a destash shop.  I'm just feeling lazy because of PMS.  I mean MS.  Surely there are no male sensibilities to offend here by mentioning menstruation.  I'm more careful about mentioning blood gushing out of my uterus since I started teaching Mexicans, see.  That type of talk is horrifying to the males of the species.

I just typed a funny story here and lost it somehow. And am too menstrual to retype it.

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