Eye Candy for the Treatment of PMS

The level of PMS I'm dealing with has sucked out my will to exist.  Guuuuhhhhh.

So I'm cheering myself up with this heavenly inspiration.
These sparks of mad glory are from the sold section in Sparrow Salvage's original shop, Little Brown Magpie.
Something about the color, vibrant against some sort of black inner background.  It bewilders me with its beauty.
And this is from someone w/a massive knee-jerk reaction against all things purple- and we're looking at a loooot of purple.
Something about all this is so LUSH.
And look at these impossible stripes:
And these shapes?  These random, ridiculous shapes?  What right do they have to look precisely correct and totally accidental at the same time?
This orange and green makes my eyes say thank you:Even these dirty whites (and I love dirty whites) seem to be struggling to push down an intense orange and green magic from behind it.
This pale dirty teal is breathtaking.
Even here, one of her earliest pieces, has the perfect raggedy layering of threadbare bits of treasures.  

How does someone have such a consistent vision over so many items and over such a long period of 

In comparison, my stuff looks like it was made by an ADD sufferer with multiple personality disorder.



Little Brown Sparrow said...

Good grief lady! You make me feel special.You also make me realise something else. I lost the spark. That loving feeling. Oh that loving feeling. I was trying so hard to get to a certain aesthetic lately that I lost...all this, up there.

I love you. I know it sounds naff but you really hold a mirror up.

fanciful devices said...

Hold a mirror up? naff? you know, i can make up words and expressions, too, chickafleedupala.
(I love you too.)