More Goodies from my haul

I made some necklaces from some pieces from my Uruguay haul.
The first includes much randomness, many bits from Sparrow's package.
The second was color-inspired by Lorelei.
Then I made an assemblage of dirty whites, based around an antique white clay pipe stem from London.
Man I love them dirty whites!
Then it was on to 2 pairs of wacky raccoon bone and hair earrings.

This time I added some fancy rhinestone rondelles, Czech glass faceted garnet rondelles and sterling silver ear wires that I formed, hammered and oxidized myself.

That's my hair, from the way back where it wasn't missed.  

I have so many random half-started bits on my table.

The image is from a very old book in French about Russian Icons that I got in Uruguay.  It's on an old piece of tin contact.  There's a partially legless and entirely headless horse and rider figure in cast pewter.

Here's a weird soldering piece I started years ago.  It's still hasn't been properly sanded and it also needs to be oxidized.
Here's where the heat of the iron cracked it:
Which shouldn't be a problem since it would still need a violent hammering to come apart.
And here's where it still needs to be taped and soldered:


Kim said...

Your work really is a feast for the eyes. It amazes me how you can continue to assemble all of these bits of seeming randomness into one beautifully coherent piece after another. My money situation is far from agreeable to me right now, but someday I will have a Fanciful Device of my own & wear it proudly!

fanciful devices said...

AWWWW!! Thank you so much for saying that!!
I'm so bad in regards to money that I actually enjoy a comment like that more than I do a sale. I mean, I can't buy supplies w/that comment, but it keeps me happy, feeling like I'm going in the right direction, feeling like I am a success despite my bank account.
"A feast for the eyes"!!!
I'm gonna repeat that to myself all week, I'm sure.