New Newy New.

Got some stuff.  Yay, new stuff.
Here I tried something very un-me lately: shimmery and purple. With lots of bits sparrow send me.
I finally finished this gal off w/a nice tobacco tag from hummingbirdeyes:
And I tied some ripped ribbon around the awkward part I didn't like on this one (featuring a tag from my haul):

The following necklace started thusly:

I put it on once and realized the clasp was too small for that big diamond-shaped thing it was connected to.  I went to change it, and also changed the bullet casing for a coin from my haul:

The clasp was fine, but the new square puffy links ere off that close to the focal, and didn't balance w/the slender connector on the other side.  I also realized in a flash of color awareness that the 3 rectangular cube-ish beads were superfluous and too bright anyways.
Which led to:
But then I didn't like the way the red glass beads with the delicious retro spots laid against the neck.  
Finally, I changed ti to:
Just wanted y'all to know all the grief I go through.  For no reason.  For my ART, I mean.
Wait, no. For YOU, to provide you eye-candy.  The both of you.

Here's another re-do.  Before:

The stick pearls hung so awkwardly that no one bought it, though its from forever ago.


Much better.
There's one more thing I didn't get a chance to post or even take decent pictures of:

Tomorrow I'll get to it.  There's always more to do!

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