I'm back, continued.

I was also in, like, 4 treasuries while I was gone.  Wasn't able to see any of them.  So far, I've gotten only this one, by my best bud sparrow, because she always image-captures them on her blog.
It features:

And here's some more haul:

Here I am w/my uncle's little pig, Olivia.  So named by my cousin's 3 year-old after a cartoon pig.  Uncle took her from mama pig after mama pig stepped on Olivia and broke her jaw. Now she's convinced Uncle is mama pig and is always snouting around in Uncle's pants cuff looking for a teat and making ridiculous noises.  Uruguay is full of such cuteness.
Oh, and this photo is straight from the camera w/absolutely no editing!  This is the camera husband bought for the trip.  I am agog.  Needless to say, I'll be posting new items in the shop much faster and w/less stress, oh happy day.

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