some bits

I wanted to make these earrings w/sterling silver, which I don't have right now.  But I couldn't wait, so I took the 2 that I considered not as valuable, ear wired them w/regular ol ear wires I shape from hard nickel free steel.  Then listed them.  ($44 and $33. Too pricey? Ah the eternal conundrum.)

I also took pictures of some new glovelettes I stitched up in Uruguay.

And even this guy I never got a chance to photograph:

 Which has already been purchased (!) by the ever-lovely ShesSoWierd.

Then I whipped out 3 necklaces and I'm all crazy about them, so once again, I'm going to commit the blog crime of posting scanned images.  And I was able to get some shots!

There's an extremely detailed etching of Cervantes on the focal.  I think it's Cervantes.  Maybe it's just a dude.

The lion above (from my rastafarian collection according to my hubby, because of the lions) opens with a hook that comes out from the lion button.

The faux amber is a barrel closure. The printed tin bits are tobacco tags.  I'm not sure what those were for, but they're not from Uruguay. I got those from a trade with Hummingbirdeyes before I left.


Penelope said...

Not too pricey!

Your scans don't suck boo-tay. Your scans are the living end of awesome, because your necklaces have a power of yay that shines beyond the flatbed wonderland.

Jennifer said...

Oh dear God in heaven......these are....well, I am speechless....
all I can say is, I cannot wait to see what you do with my pin. Oh. My. God.

fanciful devices said...

OMG, sparrow! they do? go on, tell me more.