go here now.

I just discovered Regretsy.  Anyone who's having a rough day- you gotta see this.


Kim said...

Ha! I found them a while back because my Google analytics showed I was getting visits on my possum disc vials from there. Never did find myself featured, though it's been a while since I visited, so maybe by now! :D Best I could figure then was that the visits were via a shop I had hearted that had been featured. Anyway, funny stuff! It can get a tad mean sometimes, but hopefully people can take it in stride.

fanciful devices said...

yeah, sometimes it turns into an etsy bitch-fest. about how the admin doesn't screen for psychos.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I love regretsy, everytime I go there I end up having to shut the tab because I can't breathe for laughing. The comments on the entries KILL me.