I'm back!

So strange to be back.  So strange to have left.  Here's some of my haul.

The guys in the airport had a time figuring me out.  The rusted pocket knives didn't make it.  They were also baffled my my gringo (hubs) w/a local team's cap on his head.  We were the funniest thing that happened to them in a while.


Kim said...

Ok, I've been poring over the photos for too long. Amazing finds! Must have been an awesome trip! Welcome back. :)

Jo Archer said...

A very good haul indeed! Hope you had a great time.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I can't get over how amazing all this is!!! I've been staring and staring for hours. Lucky lucky lucky.

Blood Milk said...

oh my. what will you make with the calendar piece?

fanciful devices said...

why, blood milk, a big ol' necklace of course!
I guess it could be a brooch.
that's about it. can't very well hang it off my ear or affix it to a wrist. could staple it to my forehead, but then how would I sell it? It's jewelry, there's not that many options. Which is why it works for me, actually.

Blood Milk said...

haha i guessed as much!
i guess what i was really saying is:
i want it.

fanciful devices said...

I actually have another, you can kinda see it in the 1st pic, it has enamel so there's some red and black, maybe green.
Since your note, I realized you could make a great big ring, too.
(Oh, and it wouldnt work on the wrist b/c it's huge, and wont curve.)

Lorelei said...

I am in love with everything in every picture!!
I gotta go antiquing.
HONEY! get in the car, we're going on a road trip!!!