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Finally got my fine wire for my fancy earrings w/the tiny medals and such from Uruguay.
Look! Real gold!  
Paired w/old rhinestones I found a huge bucket of at the school I teach.  Weird score, but I had to get the bezels, though.

 These treasures were all hidden away, forgotten in the back of grandma's drawers or in little old baggies the street sellers never took out because who'd want such things? ME!
The tiny one's on a silver spoon!
By sheer coincidence, when I got back from my trip, 2 packages of particularly fancy beads had arrived, from etsy sellers, of course.
The rondelles I already had.
The pyrite chunks and cubes, the white glass bell caps, the coin pearls, all waiting to be made into something pretty.

These are so sweet and tiny, I can barely stand it.

And I bent and re-bent and sanded and hammered all that sterling sliver and gold-filled wire until everything dangled just right.  Not as easy as re-shaping factory-made ear wires.  But I discovered the joys of dead-soft silver, which hardens up w/just a few hammer bangs.

The white tiger eye barrel's I actually got in Uruguay crazy cheap at a most unexpected Chinese import bead store.  That's also where I got the faux amber barrel closures for this guy.  Funny, I had just bout the exact same beads, slightly bigger, through etsy.
The wire was so inexpensive (for being fine) from this seller from Australia!  Even w/the $5 shipping it was a great deal.

Now my tummy's been rumbling for I don't know how long, and though I'm itching to read sparrow's convo she just sent, I gotta eat.  This is how I stay so skinny, since folks ask me sometimes, I just am so much more obsessed w/making jewelry from old bits than with my own bodily needs.  So my advice for those who want a bit less chunk on 'em is to become obsessed w/something.

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