Dry Spell Ends, New Goodies

I was recently down b/c I wasn't selling for a good week or so. In fact, it's what prompted my first sale, complete with its own sale section.  

Sale. The Reabsorption of Milk Teeth. Assemblage Brooch.

Though I did sell one or two things from it, when the dry spell ended, of course it wasn't the sale items, but rather the expensive-ish items that sold.  
                             The smallest sacred thing. 

Ain't that always the way?

Basically, I started renewing a LOT, and I think that's what did it.
ANYWHOO- here's some new things I just listed.

Clogging Buccaneers

That's my hair in that raccoon bone, yo.  I wanted the bones to be long bezels for hair.  But then I had no hair.  So I reached back to where, in the back of your skull, the hair is darkest.  I reached in where I hoped it wouldn't show, and cut it at the very root, to get a longish piece.  Then I did it 9 more times b/c I had a lot of these bones.  Still not sure what to do w/the rest of these hair and bone oddities. maybe they'd hang well below some of the circular elements in my haul.


Kim said...

Congrats on the sales! So many wonderful new goodies - I'm always partial to the bones & teeth, but everything is awesome!

fanciful devices said...

Oh, I like bones and teeth, too. Now too many sales in that, though. Fancy blingy things always get better sales, I think.

Kim said...

Ha - so true. Still, I'm compelled to expand my bony section & I love to see your new additions!