I'm at a huge adult education conference here in Chicago this week. So I haven't taken pictures. Still somehow find time to make this wacky stuff.  Up top, I need to paint-grunge the 4 links on the buckle because they wouldn't oxidize.  Means they're aluminum.  
Second is a real antique clay pipe from England.  That's right. None of those fake antique clay pipes you see at your local department store all the time.  I was into antique clay pipes before they hit it big and sold out.


Little Brown Sparrow said...

I have to get my lawyer on to you to demand you stop being so freakin' awesome. Fairly warned- my lawyer is a fish called fishyfish. He pays careful attention but I've not heard anything on my lawsuits. I don't think he's even left his tank.

I really like the minimal prettiness on the clay pipe necklace, it's very early Georgian pastoral, which is a look I'm into right now- the Elizabethan ghosts mutated.

The way you coiled the rope to make a hoop on the top necklace is genius.

fanciful devices said...

Hee, hee. I was just thinking I'd like to do some very early Gregorian pastoral. ??????
I'll have to switch the big loops on the upper right for the dark ones on the lower left. As is, it dug into my neck. Every single chain section has been moved to every position possible. Not by choice.
And the coil on the 1st one is the only thing that worked at all. On top of that is a rusty old key ring double-loop thingy.
I can't wait to get good pictures and post them in my shop! Why must there be sleep and meals and work and going to the post office and bathroom getting in the way of making?