New goodies. Yay!

Oh, I love getting new things up in the shop!  Happy happy!
(Then as the weeks go by w/o any of them selling, the happy goes away...)
Anywhoo...  The earrings all have little bits I found in the markets of Uruguay or my grandmothers forgotten drawers.
 She was happy to be rid of them, actually. 

The medals directly above were the only ones actually found together.

On this one, the buckle and tag are from here, though.

And this clay pipe is from England.  It's beyond awesome.

The enamel tag is from Uruguay, UTE is the national water company.  So to a Uruguayan, it might not seem so evocative.
Or it'll evoke bills, probably.

But to me it's pure magic.  I finally got all the beads and chain chunks exactly where they needed to be.  I'm getting a hang of this randomness thang.

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