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Y'alls comments made me so happy. As always.
Juliette Williams said..."You like Neil Gaiman!!" Man, you're quick! Y'all that was from the last question 'Get the book closest to you, read page 42'. That's quick.
Jiorji said..."Can't make sophisticated blog comment :\" And I'm all "Can't make sophisticated blog."
Sharon Driscoll said..."You save some of us from thinking we are the only "odd" ones out there. " Gurrrl, please. The way I was before I'd've thought of my post-meds self as a bastion of plain and boring. We aren't odd. The real odd ones are rolling in their excrement on the street. As long as you're not that, you're fine.

stregata said..."Love you, love your brain..." OMG it's my blogmom! Hi blogmom! I missed you!
Star of the East said..."Dostoyevsky is a short cut to depression, you know that, don't you?" Never actually read the book, lol, just found and loved the quote.

Through Our Eyes.
Sparrow said..."I had a vision of you standing in the middle of the street looking up at a Subway with your arms cast wide saying 'I don't understand! Sandwiches!? YOU CAN MAKE THEM AT HOME" I think I've actually done this. After laughing at your comment I walked downstairs to see hubs nomming over a cold pile of Subway. We have a whole clash over how offended I am that they're cold.

betweenreader said..."My corgi does that, too!" Omg you lucky bitch. "--always stirred, like the air after lightening." Who me? I just sit around clicking things.  
Rebecca S. said..."Cute little fluffy bunny tails and bunny ears are over-rated! Clearly bunny TONGUES are where it's at!" I know right? Discovered them at Awesomephilia
(We interrupt to mention I got some super inexpensive filler bangles in gorgeous rose gold that actually oxidize from TeapotsandTelephones.)
Wildthorne said..."You think so quickly on your feet." Gurrl, I was on my ass the whole time. Sorry, couldn't resist. "Ok I am grinning at cool ear. LOL I am trying to picture you in this arrangement." See diagram. Note the insert showing how I fold the inner edges under to keep the height while leaving space for the ear to go untouched. I know, I'm a complicated soul. Also note bed head.

Kimberly Rogers said..."I was just thinking the other day I needed more bunny tongue in my life and more answers to your inner workings." And I was thinking you deserve more bun tongues and answers to my inner workings.

To thank you for the laughs, I thought it was time for another giveaway, why not.
Here's some simple earrings I'd forgotten I even had. Leave a comment if you want.Philosophy in a Labyrinth. Cosmic Assemblage Earrings with Dicrotic  Cabs adn Ceramic Bezels.Beads And Rosy Copper.
So I stumbled on to my stats page and was floored to learn the 2nd biggest source country of views for me is Russia! So привет! добро пожаловать русские. Also, 2nd and 3rd position used to always belong to Canada and the UK- cuz duh, the language- it's now France and Poland!!! So Bienvenue and Powitanie guys. In honor of you, here's what I found when I searched "French" in Google images:
And "Polish":

And of course, "Russian":
WTF Russia?

Let's clear out palettes shall we?

I've been singing "I'm blue I would beat off a guy" to myself for the past week straight.


Jiorji said...

ugh that diagram!! where was that diagram when i got my industrial piercing done?!
piercer lady says "don't sleep on your piercing". lady how are you supposed to sleep if you don't sleep on your ear?! ridiculousness!!!

that russian guy is apparently very popular. don't ask how i know. i waste too much time on celeb blogs at lunchtime.

Marcie Abney Carroll said...

"Hold me closuh Tony Danza!"

Norma Conway said...

I just love the energy here. I'm making a comment just because I am (related to giveaway) but really I think you are rockin' it. [I mean life.] N, x

gretchen said...

your jewelry pics in this post look brighter or more detailed....that or maybe my glasses are cleaner than when I usually check blogs late at night.

Russia? really? they build'em big.
like bear.

the comments of your blog can be more interesting than the writing of most other blogs out there. good people flocking together and flying with you through the inter-web.

Rebecca S. said...

Nothing is funnier than misheard song lyrics! I want to start a personal collection...although I think I would have to include the "cross-eyed bear" even though I don't know who came up with that.

Personal Faves:

For: "Mother Superior jumped the gun"

Substitute: "Mother Superior jun jun jun!"

(Like perhaps "I am the walrus, koo koo ka choo"? Please tell me that is really how THOSE lyrics go.)

When my daughter was a toddler I had a mix tape with Everlast on it that had the words, "They call me white devil, black Jesus..." One day out of the blue she said, Mommy, what ARE black cheeses?

Wildthorne said...

You made me a diagram of cool ear!!!! LOL I love the hair dots. Um.. your Russian pics scare me, that's a pretty bangle stack in creamy hues.

Karin G said...

Bonjour, I must be one of your French readers.
I love the inspiration, the creation, the energy in your posts and jewelry. It's so alive, thanks...

Lucie said...

Hi Fanci
Another frenchie here :)
Love the iridescent blue! Mesmerizing!