I just listed a butt-load of stuff and I'm all PHEW as if I'd been doing some heavy lifting.Our Lady of  Impossible Vastness. Cosmic assemblage statement necklace with rainbow titanium crystal and galaxy nebula.

More like heavy listing amarite?

The Once-Upons. Rustic assemblage statement necklace with magic lantern slide, art porcelain beads, blue teal aqua turquoise.
OK, I feel like I shouldn't have used all these awesome beads because that forced me to price it higher than anyone's gonna pay for it. On the other hand who knows, reverse psychology and all.
La Exploradora. Rustic sci fi assemblage statement necklace with sextant, cosmic gold leaf beach stones.
Every time I see the name I chose for this piece I think of Dora the Explora. Sure lowers the dignity level there.
Wistful. Rustic assemblage statement necklace with matchbook label and tribal beads. yellow, dark.
Wistful.  Being out of the studio for only 3 days really got me itching to make again.
Melancholia. Recycled Rustic Tea Tin Cuff with Gold Leaf.
Oh and I finally got to relist these that were waiting around as class samples for like three decades.
Understanding. Recycled Rustic Tea Tin Cuff Bracelet with Gold Leaf.
Had to re-take the photos and edit and everything. I'm spent.

Also a bangle stack.
The Lining of the World. Rustic Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack in Grey/Amber/Beige.
And dasit!


Tinibelli said...

So beautiful jewellery - all of them!!!

StaroftheEast said...

Cool stuff!

annamei said...

The awsome beads you´ve needed are perfect for your neckpiece,it has to be:)..direct psychology.
Your stack bangeles are super cool!

and the fun part is the dutch writing about security matches at your class cuff...Attention ,hot stuff!

HenrietteWhite said...

Lovely as always! And those beads are really gorgeous! You can certainly not price those cheaper.

Beatnheart said...

Hey Anna’s Here! hiya Anna. i agree with what she said..

alteredarcheology said...

I was surprised to see that necklace with all the gorgeous beads wasn't priced HIGHER! Well worth what you are asking!! Really digging on that colorful purdy Asian lady one too.

Jackie said...

I really, really loves the bangle stack, that's all I've got for now. Oh wait, I also love the little baby horse falling down...so cute.

Tribalis said...

gorgeous necklaces Marina..