From earth to the largest star

File:From earth to the largest star.gifHere.
 I've been making vignettes. Like little collages.
The bezel is the base of a soda can. The greybird dangle I added a bit of hemp to, waxed it, and connected with a thick rosey pin. I know you're thinking greybird's a genius but its that scrap of thread and the pin that really puts it over the top. Lemme have that.
 Here it's a lid from an old tin. Inside we gots celluloid rose, tooth in a bottle, ceramic bee and face cab, ocean stone with foil, theengs...
 A way to use up all those little bits I never quite found homes for.  Also it'd been a while since I made girly pretties. Still loving the dirty whites.
 Couple roman glass earrings for the patroness.
With scorchedearth and greybird bits.

Am I addicted to adding redonk gifs to all my posts? Do I have to restrain myself from adding more?
Are these rhetorical questions? Am I talking to myself? Is it grey and depressing out? Should I be doing something productive? Did I just google mother's day to make sure it wasn't today?


rubyd. said...

Those vignettes are so cool and the earrings are gorgeous and exciting. Just amazing work flows from you!

Jiorji said...

those earrings are AAAHHHMAAAYYYZING!!! love the greens :D

you should watch this. it's funny.


fancylinda said...

I like the girly pretties! Especially the top one.

Kimberly Rogers said...

I love your vinaigrettes. Makes me want some bead salad.

Star of the East said...

Lovely and unusual earrings.
The tin with bits I find a bit too much...:)

Beatnheart said...

greybird and green glass ones are outta this world...wow.

poor little old wacky bear ...cute though.

happyfallout said...

When I saw the first picture, I thought you made a necklace to celebrate yesterday's spacewalk!

That's an awesome .gif. I remember seeing something similar in a book on science I read as a kid, but those superlarge stars were not mentioned there.

alteredarcheology said...

Umm, yeah, the jewels are cool as usual but I'm sorry, the star thing....???? Hellllo!!???? That blows my infinitesimally tiny mind!!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Roman glass and clay earrings - hhmmmmm, just yummy. Soda can bottom? Way cool choice for a story collection.