What've We Got Here?

We got some bangle stacks. Actually, more of these to come.Liquid Light. Ivory, White and Grey Victorian Tribal Rustic Gypsy Bangle Stack, bracelet set.
Liquid Light.
A Second Heart. Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack in Back and Darks.
A Second Heart.
We got this chunky thing ~Art Will Remain. Rustic assemblage statement necklace with art beads, gold leaf, victorian tribal.
Art Will Remain. Art Will Remain. Rustic assemblage statement necklace with art beads, gold leaf, victorian tribal.
Two ways to wear, I like it!
Farewell to Glory. Rustic Victorian beach collage found object assemblage necklace.
Farewell to Glory.
We got these guys up.
Before Dear Mother Died. Rustic Victorian frozen charlotte collage found object druzy assemblage necklace.
Before Dear Mother Died.

I also wanted y'all to look at this-->

It's an "aleen spach ip." Aaaand now you're dying at the cute. Me and Marcela also made some -as she pronounces it- Awt. See? "She's going to a pawdy." Cut to 10 minutes of me trying to get Marcela to pronounce Rs.  
It is endlessly fascinating to my niece and nef that I do not have a normal sleep schedule. They've thought about it a lot. Marcela told me. "You colow good because you don't sweep at night. You stay up and do awt things. I wanna be an awtist too."
LisasuperstitchedbitsSo as I was wasting time on Pinterest last week, I found this.

 And even though I'm MUCH TOO SERIOUS a grown-up to like that kind of thing, it stayed and wormed it's way into my brain and made me want to make something stitchy and girly. So while I was in Wisconsin being an aunt I took along a bunch of scraps and bits and made whatever this is:
Which had Marcela mesmerised, to the point where she prepared her own "sewing bag" full of cardboard paper and dolls, which she carried everywhere, see picture. When I told her the strip could be a headband, she had to make one for herself. By the end of the weekend there was more duct tape than headband. Please forgive my maniacal expression in this picture. I was apparently very hungry and Susie the dog was looking delicious.


Anvil Artifacts said...

Your nephew and neice are too adorable and your awt is intewesting too.

Eva Lundberg said...

Oh, the necklace Art (?) Will Remain is just beautiful...

And so entertaining to read about your and Marcelas conversation about Awt! Cute.

HenrietteWhiteJewelry said...

Allways love you stacks of beautiful bangles!!!

artistic rejuvenations said...

sharing the art from the youngsters and your self is darling.art saves lives!

Beatnheart said...

so the whole dang fam if full of adorable.

cool stuffs whatelseis new....you kill girlie.

Tribalis said...

Two cute girls.. you and my boy.. ops!.. her and my boy would have fun..

annamei said...

You look fantastic when your hungry:)))
and Marcela is adorable!
I love your stacks but your neckpiece beat it all!

Sue-Lin Tarnowski said...

Love the earrings and stacked bangles!!

Sue-Lin Tarnowski said...

Love the stacked bangles!

Jennifer Valentine said...

my heart feels melty seeing you smiling...