Couple Custom Creations.

A woman who makes these amazing documentaries about children in Nepal sent me some antique beads to be made into something. Here's this big fat choker:
RESERVED for  lunamdocs.
She said she wanted pieces with the sparkly edge I give my patroness' things. I made those spacer rings with epoxy putty and gold leaf. So. Many. Rings.
RESERVED for  lunamdocs.
I'm especially pleased with this toggle closure I came up with on the spot.
Here are some earrings I made with the long beads that were on the bead strands.RESERVED for  lunamdocs.
I can't use tube beads with necklaces. It's like they're trying to take up more room than they deserve. They're not giving enough eye joy for the space they take? Yeah, I know, but it's how I feel.
And here's some for the Patroness with these sort of Roman glass bottle bottom chunks.
 And some fine Roman glass heishi.
I've stopped mentioning my PMS here. Got tired of hearing myself complain. But I'll still put cute anipals here for my own enjoyment.
"Grr! I'm tough!" *Lick*
And now die from the this:

Join us next time for the giveaway winner.


HenrietteWhite said...

Those beads are absolutely gorgeous!! And you've used them so beautifully! Love those earrings!! Cannot think of a better way to have used the tube beads!

And love the colors in those roman glass earrings! They're really beautiful too!

And so is the baby elephant!! Want to take it home with me!

Eva said...

What a necklace...
So beautiful!

You are so talented, and thanks for sharing with us.

PipnMolly said...

Nice use of the beads. Simple with a funky touch of bling. Works together real well. Buyer must be thrilled with the outcome.
Love the clumsy baby elefuntus footage of course.

Claire Maunsell said...

The necklace is so delicious I could eat it up...

Anonymous said...

those beads are a bit splendid, love those earrings too. Epoxy and gold rings you say...best move my cat out the way, last time me and puss played with glue it wasn't pretty!

Unknown said...

It's hard to do those incredible antique glass rounds justice but you did. wow - it's just the right amount of bling without being overpowering, who'd of thought all of that leaf would look so totally great with that - you did!

The earrings - whoo hoo - it's like a bonus round of eye candy.

gretchen said...

you really did an exceptional job making those amazing vintage beads into a "new" art piece. the size alone must have been a challenge. love the earring, too!

Anvil Artifacts said...

Wonderful devices! Love the necklace! Wow! Adorable baby elephant. Thanks for sharing.