It's an ear-athon. Ear-mageddon. Ear-gasborg. Ear-pocalypse. Ear-topia.The Ladies at their Leisure. 
OK, I'll stop. Here's some greybird with vintage bingo balls I put eye-screws into.
The earwire on these is full-hard sterling. Cuz. It's 22 gauge though, so I dunno. The hoops are 4ophelia (check out her awesome new handmade resin cabs) and the medals are teapots. The blue glass is antique African from patroness. Stillpointworks has these amazing new polymer headpins. I bought a couple at redonk ontro price and then she just GAVE me a couple more. So of course her shop is quite out.
See, here's another set. These also have some really iridescent Roman glass and a bit o' asymmetry.

 Here's this amazing transparent 'set' she just up and sent. Surrounded by all kinds of gem goodness. It's a gem-stravaganza! Ugh, someone shut me up.The Garden Gnomon.
 Greybird, jasper and sterling wires.
 These are a re-make because I had the bits.

These! cut strips of modern tintypes with a bit of heat embossing and gold leaf insides surround antique buddhist amulets on sterling wonky wire. So leetle and cute.

Witch speaking of-
What real friendship looks like (via)
Lately the tumblrz are all about the 2 second videos.
Just thought you should know. Keeping you current.

Also something that makes me laugh each time I re-read it. It's Noir fiction in tweet-sized bites by this lovely illustrator.

She had a pair of legs that wouldn’t quit, no matter how politely you asked #noirfiction
She had a nice set of legs, and then a second, less-nice set she’d found in her foyer. That’s why she came to me. #noirfiction
She was a nutty broad, with hair that was bonkers, and legs that just didn’t make any sense at all #noirfiction
It was a dark and stormy…. DAY #noirfictiontwists
Her legs only went halfway up and then there was just an inescapable shrieking void, like all women #noirfictiontwists #noirbydavesim
She had legs that went all the way up, and so did the rest of her. “Get back down here,” I said. She looked at me and said “No” #noirfiction
She had a torso and then two weird lower limbs sticking out of the bottom of it. What were those things #noirfiction
She had a body like a poem, and a face like a limerick #noirfiction
Her legs were like a metaphor, and the imagery they brought to mind was extremely evocative #noirfiction
She was a real classy broad: top hat, monocle, tuxedo, twirled mustache… oh wait #noirfiction
She had a face like this :) and a pair of legs to match < #noirfiction
She had a nice face. It was pretty. She was in my office. I was a detective! It was my first day of being a detective. #noirfiction
She had a pair of legs that ended in rollerskates and the kind of body that could stay upright #noirfiction
She had a face like a zen koan: thought-provoking but impossible to figure out #noirfiction
She was the kind of dame where you couldn’t wait for her to leave so you could write about her on your blog #noirfiction
I never cared for conversation, so I let my gun do the talking. Problem was, he was shy too #noirfiction
It’s a dirty job in a dirty city, but I’m not the cleanest guy so that’s fine by me. The name’s Paul Blart… Mall Cop. #noirfiction #blart
He had a face like a stack of pancakes and whenever he talked he sprayed butter and syrup everywhere #noirfiction


Lela said...

What an ear-ily post!

Lela said...

Uh (An "ear-ily" post?) That sounds stupid and completely outside the bounds of proper English! Then again, who ever said I was proper? ahhahahaaa.

Ok, apparently what I meant to say was, "What an ear-ie post!"

Geez. NM.

Lela said...

Wait! I know what did it!!

It was the Summer Solstice!

When the earth tilts like that I get all ear-ily tilted. Yup.

neshuma said...

Eye pins in BINGO BALLS??? Did Bingo get to vote on this particular mission of assemblage???

13 said...

I don't think that cat in the video was bonding I think she was smacking his face up! Those are just the best ever earrings, I love every pair and happy solstice.x

PipnMolly said...

Love Claire's headpins and how you used them. I nabbed a handful myself.

Sharon Driscoll said...

OOOOoooooo - my ears ache for attention. They are ear-lish-us in their design.

alteredarcheology said...

She made a ton of earrings this week, I hope the floor doesn't collapse.#fauxfiction

Anvil Artifacts said...

be still my heart when I see your Stillwater earrings. yum