From My Wayback.

How you all doing this unseasonably cool June?Phantasmagoria. Rustic Gypsy beachy, victorian tribal ivory white bone lampwork assemblage earrings with gold leaf shell.Phantasmagoria.
I'm sidling back into my mess after my absence.
The Past. Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack in Black and Darks.
The Past.
Can't even call it a studio, it's just a pit. Finished these dark stacks in any case.
The Past. Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack in Black and Darks.
Beats in Me.
Had some Vintaj findings beadybaby sent me so I put these adorable vintage decals I got from TeapotsandTelephones on them. Couldn't resist the cute.
A Second Heart. Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack in Black and Darks.
A Second Heart.
Another etsybud sent me a million tiny bead dangles and instead of doing anything clever I just jump-ringed them all into little clusters on this guy. Why bother thinking of clever things, really?
Also I've been doing some repair work. Did you know one of the very 1st people to "discover" me when I started was SacredCake? She bought these redonk things I made early on and still wears them. Like this in January 2010:
Reserved for SacredCake. Quite Pure, quite Free of Future Planning.  Woven Bracelet.Look at that yellow-ass photography. So on the notes to seller she wrote, "I can hardly wait to wear this....I know it will be a favorite of mine for the rest of my living years. Blessings, Jennifer " How sweet is that? And sure enough she wore it to bits. Mind you, in terms of my jewelry education 3 years is eons ago so I didn't know better than to use regular sewing thread to affix heavy glass pearls. She sent it back with a bunch of pearls missing. This gave me the opportunity to fix and even improve it a bit:
I added Indonesian glass and gave it all a heavy wax coat. Knowing the importance of her faith I took the liberty of adding a little crucifix where wires link.

 I trimmed the crotchet fibers that were annoying me and only later thought to consider she might not want that. Oh well. Where I tried to oxidize the wire affixing the beads I managed to make the fabric verdigris. Er.

On October of 2010 she got this wacky thing:RESERVED FOR SACREDCAKE. The Devouring Passion.  Antique Pipe Stem Neck Assemblage.
At least now the light is white. Nice blur though. So a couple links broke off and I decided to fix it with some added bling.
 Cuz why not? Actually she didn't ask me to fix these, but I will always fix anything from me that needs it. Even if I was just starting out its cripplingly embarrassing when something of mine breaks.  And Jennifer has been such an amazing supporter and dear friend. (Tho even if you aren't a pal, always send anything back to me that needs fixing!)

The text on the arm says "the devouring passion." To me, that would be all this bidness. Devouring these last few years in a frenzy of happy making. It was such a trip to once again handle these beads and bits from my creative past. Funny in a way because so many of the beads were plastic or plain glass, yet so lovingly grunged to try and seem something perhaps mysterious, something with character, with a past.
Finally Numinosity sent me this link to make me pee my pants. It's from Gizoogle, which will translate any website into Snoop-style slang. My beloved C.S. Lewis quote that appears on my upper left sidebar, for example, translates thusly:
"If I find up in mah dirty ass desires which not a god damn thang up in dis ghetto can satisfy, tha only logical explanation is dat I was made fo' another ghetto. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka!" -C.S. Lewis
And with that I bid you all a fond farewell. My bitches.


beadybaby said...

HA! I went to the Gizoogle link and thought WTF? It's the same page! Because "from my wayback" and "from my fuckin wayback" both seemed like titles you would use, and I've been out in the Alaskan sun(!) all day watching people not buy my jewelry, so I'm half asleep anyway...pretty cool, I'll have to try it!

beadybaby said...

This is hilarious! http://www.gizoogle.net/index.php?search=www.wickedgoodbeadz.com&se=Gizoogle+Dis+Shiznit

artistic rejuvenations said...

i love kim and the goodies she finds. that translation is the best! so is your lovely mf jewelry!

Jiorji said...

HAHAH!! just peed my pants. I clicked the translation link and i thought it's broken cos nothing was happening then i noticed the text changed. LMAO

i love that bracelet. I once browsed your sold items from the very beginning and it was so interesting to see how your style evolved. The fixed bracelet is such a huge jump from the original but it's so cool! I love how artists try something and it's all wobbly and then we fall into where we're supposed to be. it's amazing.

Juliette Williams said...

Holy crap, that Gizoogle is hilarious! I've never heard of it before. Gonna have some fun today. Ha!

I love what you did with the bracelet. I have the same policy with my jewelry - if it breaks or something isn't quite right, send it back and I will fix it, repair it, etc.

Lovely work, as always. xoxo J

fancylinda said...

You are the first person to my knowledge who has actually USED the decals they purchased from me, and they look great! As does all your stuff...

BOUT ME...I be a Downtown lady of uncertain age, purveyin up in "fancy goods" on eBizzle n' Etsy. I trip off antiquing, chronic partizzles (not of tha ballistical sort), n' dabblin up in various crafts. Fo shizzle.

Sharon Driscoll said...

You are a child with a soul as big as a mountain....

I can't think of something brilliant to say except I love occasionally being referred to as "one of the bitches"

anabelucraft said...

I love your jewelry.

Sacred Cake said...

I did NOT expect you to do so much to that bracelet...or that necklace...I thought you could just use the necklace parts...I had NO intention of you fixing it!
OMG Fanci. Seriously? I can hardly believe the gorgeousness that is you.
I have loved you and your work since way back...have we been friends that long?
I think you are the complete bees knees you know? And Yes, I wear your work sometimes when I don't even leave the house...I wear it when I want to feel closer to myself...when I want to feel artsy fartsy funky...when I want to remember our conversations and the laughter. Just knowing you are out there in the world is enough. Your soul shines my dear......