OK! Resurrection- erection. Now it makes sense! I have a weekness for the redonk things kids say. Like niece Marcela (4yrs) asking newphew David (5yrs) if he wanted to marry her. Because she wants to have lots of babies and when she heard you need a mommy/daddy pair, she got concerned she hadn't found a daddy yet. Her first choice was her brother Carlos, but apparently that's not allowed.
I'm concerned the pearls dangling under this are too white. That I should dye them or gild them darker. Too lazy right now.
These two pairs have some of the recent resins.
 Here's these and those below with regular bezels and glass. And a buncha little bits.
A Quiet Love.
Tiny faces from a book about icons.
 A very mis-matched pair with bits from a Nicky Butler necklace.

Mother of the Moon.
I colored the medal with perfect pearls then sealed. And a tiny amethyst from Uruguay.
Simple blues. I love these round beads.
And these little stacks of very special goodies. With antique goofy face beads.
Das all.


betweenreader said...

I don't wear earrings much anymore, and it's too hot to get dressed anyway, nevertheless I am seized with desire! They are all so beautiful and poetic. You rocked the earring world this time. Yummityyumyum.

Wildthorne said...

love the pixies... so very wonderful.. and the purple pair, such great juxtaposition. You never fail to mesmerize lady. <3

Juliette Williams said...

Where did you find those 'goofy face beads'?? They look like Picasso drawings!

Anvil Artifacts said...

Very cool bunch of earrings! Especially loving A Joyful Song. Your resin pieces turned out great, of course!

Jiorji said...

those goofy faces are amazing!

i was gonna say before and i forgot....did you ever try to do the mercury trick over your resin cabs?? i don't remember...maybe an idea

Sharon Driscoll said...

This is a drool worthy post. My ears live in my queen for a day earrings you made. Ymmy stuff and ears are getting very hungry.