Emerging from Hibernation.

I feel much better. Thanks for all you well-wishes, not. Y'all just want to yums, I know, I'll shut up.
Wanders Elsewhere. Rustic Gypsy beachy, victorian tribal ivory white recycled earrings with gold leaf
Wanders Elsewhere.
Oh no, there's actually two spots where oxidizer got on the gold leaf and dimmed it. Dagflambit, gotta seal before further messing. But the sealant was downstairs.... I mean, I feel better than I have but I'm not Wonder Woman all a sudden.
Liquid Light 2. Blue Green Rustic Gypsy Bangle Stack, bracelet set.
Liquid Light 2. Blue Green Rustic Gypsy Bangle Stack, bracelet set.Liquid Light 2. And no less than three- count 'em, (count them I say!!)- aqua stacks.

I made them a bit fewer per stack so that I wouldn't be selling, like, a life-long commitment to fracking blue bangles. And thus got a lower price and thus probly faster sales. Liquid Light. Blue Green Rustic Gypsy Bangle Stack, bracelet set.
Liquid Light.
Liquid Light. Blue Green Rustic Gypsy Bangle Stack, bracelet set.Now watch them sit in the shop forever.

Reminds me, just sold my black stack, gotta photo my remaining black stack.Liquid Light 3. Blue Green Rustic Gypsy Bangle Stack, bracelet set.
Liquid Light 3. So the lesson learned was even when I'm too ugh to roll out of bed I can still toss together some bajangles.

Now look at this dog trying to get a statue to play.


Rebecca S. said...

I missed you...sometimes a girl just needs a break. You may or not be happy to know that I have been obsessing over the music you posted--especially the Taro/Capa song. In that light, your Wraith piece is especially haunting (but mysterious and beautiful like everything you produce....)

Juliette Williams said...

HAHAHAHA...........poor pup.

Glad you're feeling better, chica!

Jiorji said...

woah!! that first pair of earrings. what the hell dude! it's like rays of unicorn hairs. I love it.
i didn't notice that the lower part of the leaf is darker, but when i looked at it, i thought..no that's a genius mistake because it kinda balances out with that dark strip of the bone(???), and therefore...AMAZING!!
HA!!! 10 years of art class critique! this is what it'll do to my brain........sigh :(

Boot ~C said...

I like the gilding w/ the variations in colour...

Wildthorne said...

Aww doggie wants to play... so cute. Loving the shot of aqua and beachy whites for summer... cool breezes + your jewelry = good.

Marcie Abney Carroll said...

Did I read a "frackin'", because subtle Battlestar Galactica references always make my day.

Tribalis said...

Hey Phoenix! Good you feel better..love the gorgeous new pieces..one of these days I will try make bangles based on your tutorial.
Hugs to you.

Lucie said...

These aqua stacks are smashing! this velvet blue strawberry is so cute!
Glad you're feeling better!

Anvil Artifacts said...

such yummy aqua bangles. Glad you feel better!