Hey wanna see some more pictures of stuff I made?

So last time when I said I was working on beads inspired by ancient coral what I meant to say was that I was working on more of the ones I'd already made with just a soup├žon of ancient coral.
And I made a butt-load.
There's soooo much inspiration on line. From ancient coral:
 photo TibetanCoral.jpg
And ancient amber:
Old Amber Bead CollectionOld Trade Amber Beads
Turquoise and ivory:
To fossilized neolithic bones:
Or just regular antique bones, like in that last pic. And tons of it is actually less expensive to buy outright than to try and reproduce, considering all the time and effort it takes to make anything that looks remotely convincing. I'm not trying to copy anything in particular, I love it all and want to somehow combine all the details of antiquity into one UberAncientBeadofDeath.
But yeah so far I gots:
OMG I just counted them- SEVENTY EIGHT friggin' beads. Lawdy. How the hell to divide them up for sale?   
I also got a box of this faux beach glass from the mosaic isle at Michaels. 
And I got to sticking 'phemera on the back.
I used Mod Podge dimensional magic just cuz I picked that up at Michael's too after Shipwreck mentioned it. It's really good for transfers even though I should've been more careful and used less of it to keep it from soaking through the paper. You can see what the hell I'm talking about here in this one against dark background. And if that don't make sense too bad.
I've been so busy being lazy I'm surprised to see all these things I got done.
Can't decide if the pix against light or dark work better. Somehow all the ones against dark managed to be super blurry. Plus I managed to rub off strips of image when removing the paper pulp. 
In this one of Krishna, the image is quite visible and easy to photograph.
Others didn't fare as well, like this one which has a stamp with a gorgeous image of the three Kings following the star... whatchacallit? In Spanish we say Tres Reyes Magos. Also it said Australia across the bottom, but the thin stamp didn't stand up to the rubbing part of the transfer process and I should've stopped when I was ahead but now I have this glob. Why did I bother to solder it? Maybe I'll scrape off the paper and change it into something else.
This is another stamp that went completely transparent, making the image almost invisible. Even worse against the dark background. It's a chick holding a sheaf of wheat. Sheaf? Is that a thing? OMG- I just looked up sheaf and sure enough- it's 'a bundle of grain stalks laid lengthwise and tied together after reaping!!' Dang, I'm good!!
(See- I celebrate these small victories not because- as Mom thinks- I'm just obnoxious, but because I loose the war against my own gross laziness and general immobility everyday. So you cheer the little things. My younger sister who's getting her PhD despite considering herself the 'dumb one' of the family says she jumps and hollers when she accomplishes any little thing in the lab. All these brilliant Asian students who already knew how to do whatever it was stop to look at her curiously. In her evaluation the prof said, "You bring a lot of joy to the class.")
Some are sort of visible but the camera wants to focus on the top of the glass, not the back, which your eyes instinctively know how to do. This is an old confirmation card from Uruguay.

So yeah I guess for these the light background works best. This one's a section of Indian currency. I also did some where I glued iridescent flakes on the back as you can see below.

I decided to do earring pairs. So here I'm thinking that the dark backgrounds work better. Too bad about the friggin' blurry.
Here's a big pendant one.
And some teeny earring pairs.
I purposefully avoided any overly-matchy pairs.
There was a lot of glass in this little box. I still have more pairs picked out.

I didn't even use any of the purple tinted glass. It offended my sensibility to see purple on beach glass, however faux it might be.

Anyways, three more pairs...  I wonder if I should just offer them like this instead of finished earrings.

A few more picture pendants.
As well as some picture earring pairs.
Including these below I fucked up by rubbing off the Mary face in a Joseph and Mary pair from tiny icon images.
Meanwhile I managed to sell a pair of caged bead earrings before I'd either listed or blogged them.
RESERVED for Deedy Germany Made this set of white earring pairs that sold, and this set that's still available:The Doves. Set of 35 earring pairs
The Doves. Set of 35 earring pairs
Now look at this:


Cindy (Hernreich) Beller said...

WEre did you find that strand of coral…….man holding it????? It is awesome and probably not for sale???


darlene said...

hmm. not that you need a new hobby, but a small barrel tumbler with sand and water will make you Chicago beach glass(wait, you're in Chicago right? my memory eludes me) in a few days and you can call it recycled from your own glass stash. lol fun fun you're having! the poly work is magnificant. xoxo

Relics Revisited said...

Hi Marina:

Your new stuff looks great! The "corally" strand you made is fantastic. I would love to buy the Indian currency pendant as is so I can string it up myself. I will message you on etsy.


Lela said...

And you, miss marina, "bring a lot of joy" to bloggers everywhere. Lots of gorgeous new stuff - love the irregular edges of the new pieces & yes, they show off better on white.

Now you're making me want to start playing with poly again, so STOPPIT.
Love your earthy, organic pieces.

Rebecca S. said...

I would be ecstatic to wear one single UberAncientBeadofDeath. Especially when I could tell people where it came from and who made it!

Unknown said...

Well, I am almost too emotional to comment, because you KNOW how I love the bling, and omg, the stuff you did with the beach glass is magnificent, just magnificent, really. I want a pair of earrings from the sparkly stuff on the back and Pay day isn't till next week so we have to talk. I LOVE it all. I still think you should try to offer the fauxancients as a whole necklace and doll it up the way you do your other necklaces. Someone may really want it that way and it would be a bit less expensive than the real thing, maybe???. I think it is fab, just fab, did I say that already? fab fab fab, you are magic, you are.

Unknown said...

Those beach glass charms are really gorgeous. They look like ancient greco/roman glass. The beads are amazing too. Its so exciting to see your hand conjuring up the ancient world.

Til the Wind Changes said...

Hi-Love your work! Just wanted to comment on the "offended my sensibility to see purple on beach glass". I live in New York (north of NYC in winter, Long Island in summer) and am constantly picking up beach glass, though it is getting harder to find. There IS purple beach glass., though rarely deep. It is old glass that was made with manganese in it and exposure to sunlight over the years changed it to a soft lavender. Just beautiful! Very lucky to just have my beach glass necklaces (bottle necks) published in Stampington GreenCraft mag.

scissor pirate said...

oooh! those glimmering blue earring pairs! pretty please! I need those...

Beatnheart said...

soo...you consider yourself lazy and what? an underacheiver....what in the hell does that make me??
scared that's what...

Jennifer Valentine Morford said...

Only you could think of turning fake beach glass into that kind of gorgeousness....